Our Church

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster (UUCL)

We are a congregation of liberal religious voices in Lancaster County for over 100 years. We seek to be an inclusive spiritual community coming together in love and reaching out in service.

Unitarian Universalism is based on covenant and deeds, not creeds. This church was founded in 1902 by M.T. Garvin who had this Gothic-style building constructed in 1908, designed by prominent architect, C. Emlen Urban on the current site. Garvin imported stained glass, wood carvings, and unique interior art for the Sanctuary embellishment which we proudly preserve today. The Education Building was built in 1972.

Does this intrigue you? Excite you? Come. Add your gifts to those already here. Your presence will make this community richer still.  Throughout this website you will find information about the many and varied activities and groups which make up living reality of this faith community, and you are welcome to engage in ways that make sense to you. 

Sunday morning Service and Religious Education times

One Service: 10 am on Sundays
Check the Sunday Services page for any changes.


The UUCL Covenant, adopted by the congregation in 2018:

At the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster, we covenant to provide a welcoming community for all ages, respecting diversity and the inherent worth and dignity of all. Trusting good intentions, we strive to live courageously in love, service, and spiritual growth, and to work for peace and justice in the world.

Read about our 8 Principles here.

I used to feel that I didn’t belong in a religion. I was feeling a void of loneliness. I needed a community, so my therapist recommended UUCL. That was a little over a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my faith and UUCL family.  I feel welcomed, safe, appreciated, and I found that community I was seeking.

Stephanie Santiago, member

What We Stand For

Our purpose is not to tell you who to be or what to believe, but to help each of us to find greater meaning in our lives. We have no creeds. We believe in the intrinsic worth of all people and in life’s creative power. We offer a community of faith that reveres the interconnected web of all life, and that calls on us to work to make a difference in the world.

We are a church of liberal religious tradition and heritage, one with ancient and deep roots. We are a diverse community that encourages spiritual growth and the practice of our beliefs through active involvement in the church and in the world. We are a religious community embracing a common faith expressed by our commitment to the UU Principles and Purposes.

Our religious community thrives on diversity.

Many of our members were raised in other religious traditions and bring with them many spiritual perspectives. We come from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, humanist, scientific, pagan, earth-centered, agnostic and other backgrounds, and we incorporate these traditions into our services. We are accepting of all religions and believe that creation is too mystical to be reduced to any “one truth.”

You are Welcome Here

Here we are a Welcoming Congregation promoting full participation in church activities by all persons of whatever race, color, creed, gender, ability and/or disability, affectional or sexual orientation, age, economic status, or origin. We hope that your visit here will provide you with a greater sense of unity within yourself, with the people around you, and with the world outside these walls.

Our Mission Statement

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster is a church of the liberal tradition rooted in the heritage of Unitarian Universalism and dedicated to the belief that in every individual there are extraordinary possibilities.

WE ARE committed to the individual and collective pursuit of spiritual growth, social justice, and life-long religious education and understanding.

WE FOSTER an open and free community in which we share our gifts, care for one another, and honor our differences.

WE SEEK to have a lasting influence on local, national and global programs that promote equity and end oppression.