Our Developmental Ministry Goals

We are currently in a Developmental phase of our Congregational life. Rev Barbara is assisting us achieve goals which we identified as a congregation in 2016. These are the goals.

Re-Organization: November 2016

Cultivate Shared Ministry as the basis for governance and systematic operations of the congregation.

1: Make the systematic adaptations necessary for our congregation to become a strong voice for liberal religion and establish an abiding public presence in Lancaster and the wider community.
2c: Develop a governance structure that fits with the size of our congregation and that will empower our members through increased awareness, engagement and sense of ownership.

Develop best practices in creating trusting, thriving relationships within Congregational Life.

1a: Naming and transforming the patterns that prevent individuals and our congregation from taking ownership of the active voice of Unitarian Universalism.
1c: Come together as a congregation with several major social justice efforts that have a direct impact in the local Lancaster community.
2a: Committing as a congregation to a covenant between members that goes beyond a behavioral covenant to the promises we make one to another as a religious community.
2b: Build congregational trust by establishing healthy behaviors around conflict with the goal of truth and reconciliation, not blame.
2d: Establish a clear purpose, mission, and vision for our congregation.

Foster spiritual growth at UUCL, including growth in understanding UU identity.

1b: Increase our congregation’s understanding of the liberal religion which we are called to represent in our community.
1d: Naming and transforming the causes of our weak relation with the UUA and the wider movement of Unitarian Universalism.
2e: Explore the relevance of this congregation in the changing lives of younger individuals and families.