Nursery Childcare Position

Now hiring: Qualified childcare provider in UU nursery

Welcome! The Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster seeks responsible people with experience caring for children to join our team of nursery caregivers to provide a safe and nurturing environment for play and supervision for children enrolled in the nursery classroom of the Faith Development programs at UUCL (infants through approximately age 4). The nursery is a trusted place for parents to leave their children with qualified caregivers who provide stimulating activities and caring oversight. Caregivers report to UUCL’s Director of Lifespan Faith Development.

About UUCL: The Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster has been a leading voice of liberal religion in Lancaster for more than 100 years. Our congregation has become an active, multigenerational community with a reputation for open acceptance, a commitment to personal growth, and a passion for justice. It is a place where members and friends from a variety of backgrounds and religious convictions join together to create a warm and friendly community. We seek applications from qualified people of all faith backgrounds who can commit to creating a space of respect, inclusion, and curiosity for the children of UUCL.

Time Requirements: Nursery caregivers are expected to arrive on Sunday morning at 9:30am or prior to the first activities, and stay until all children have been picked up (ranging from 12pm to 2pm depending on Sunday activities). Occasionally, non-Sunday activities also require childcare. A 90 day maximum mutual trial period will be set at the start of employment to see how new staff are working within the nursery environment.


  • Able and willing to care for young children in a way that conveys respect and nurturing.
  • Experience working with children between the ages of 0 and 4.
  • Dependability and teamwork in working and communicating with church staff and families.
  • Experience with children with autism or ADHD is a plus. Understanding of first aid is a plus.
  • Must pass the following clearances within 2 weeks of offer: Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check, Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance, and FBI Fingerprint clearance (these will be reimbursed).
  • Must sign the Code of Ethics and Approved Adult: Review of Legal Disqualifiers forms.
  • Age 15 or older.
  • 3 references to be provided.


  • Provide dependable, nurturing, safe, and active care for the children in the nursery.
  • Age-appropriate activities include cheerfully interacting with children in games, stories, music, and play, changing diapers and escorting to the bathroom, maintaining a safe environment, reading occasional Unitarian Universalist stories, and supervising snacks.
  • Maintain a courteous, friendly, and cooperative relationship with each child’s family.
  • Keep informed of medical needs and allergies of any children (found inside classroom cabinet).
  • In the event of an emergency, notify the DLFD and/or parent via the communication system.
  • Participate in the yearly safety policy training held at the start of each church year.
  • Clean the nursery area after every session. On days with food, be sure that tables are wiped down, the floors are vacuumed, trash is taken outside, etc.
  • Arrive on time; stay until the nursery is clean and all children have been picked up by the adult named on the child’s registration form. Accumulation of not showing up on time will be cause for a review, and if continued, for dismissal.
  • Line up your own substitute should your availability change; communicate the change ahead of time.
  • Respond to all emails regarding work within three days of the email’s sent date.
  • Availability to work two Sundays per month minimum, including a fair share of holidays.
  • Dress is casual professional.

How do I apply? If you feel that this describes work you can and want to do, we look forward to hearing from you! We are actively hiring. Please email our Director of Lifespan Faith Development at, subject line Childcare Application, with your resume attached, your preferred start date, and a short explanation of your qualifications for the position in the body of the email.