Leader's Circle

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Leaders’ Circle is to support the UUCL  mission and its shared ministries  through collaboration, coordination and communication. 

The Circle is a forum for all congregational leaders to represent their Committees and  mentor leadership development within the church.  These committees and ministries are encouraged to share event plans, new initiatives, concerns and annual  calendars for open discussion, prioritizing and  scheduling.

The experience of regular meetings, common goals, and finding consensus will strengthen trust and function at UUCL.

Points of Pride

UUCL committees are charged with defined tasks. In 2018 & 2019, great growth & change have been accomplished, “above & beyond” regular duties. These achievements are listed below. We are proud UU’s!

ARTFUL LIVING: Lanc. Art Walk site established; Annual fine arts show:  Fall craft show; “United Artists Behind Bars” art; “Invisible Americas” display. Intergenerational En Plein Air event; Soul Collage workshop.

DEVELOPMENT, INVESTMENTS & TRUSTS: Launched Legacy Society to support UUCL endowment with presentation book for all congregants.

FACILITIES:  cost-saving HVAC contract; TV viewing stations to enhance  communication; more LED lighting installed; Paint & Polish all church event; closet reorganization & delegation.

GREEN SANCTUARY: Neighborhood outreach for urban ecosystem; family nature event; movies, lectures, experts on environment & landscaping; Earth Day worship service.

TECHNOLOGY: Expanded website for liberal religion outreach in Lanc.: broadcast capacity for Sunday services

JUSTICE with MERCY: Four worship services on Criminal Justice; hosted “United Artists Behind Bars”; toilet kits to exiting prisoners; books to prison; programs on “Restorative Justice”; underwrote “Voices of Hope & Resilience”; donated to CLF for Prison Ministry; hosted Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration group & developing UUCL program; Planning for Safety to welcome supervised sex offenders.

LIBRARY: Refurbished Behrens’ Library for reference collection & Reading Room.

MEMBERSHIP: Pathway to Membership class spring & fall; initiated “Breaking Bread Together” a fellowship holiday event; hosts socials for new members; made Welcome booklet for visitors & guests; offers lunch for after church activities; provides Greeter for Sunday services & coffee hour; updates visitors/members nametags.

MINISTRY: created All Church Covenant; conducts Conflict Resolution; initiated Gratitude for UUCL Heroes; Developmental Ministry evaluation; facilitates church transition forums; establish UUCL Mission/Vision process; assisted MSC; provides Ministry Conversations; preparing for new minister

MUSIC: a process to increase congregants participation in Special Music; concert by Music for Everyone featuring many cultures.

PASTORAL ASSOCIATES: Developed A Pastoral Concern notice; initiated a weekly newsletter column; held Worship service re Pastoral Care ministry.

PERSONNEL: Staff Structure Analysis; added Operations Manager position; assisted Facilities team seeking Sexton & Facilities Volunteer Manager.

WALTERS’ & GARVIN LECTURES: In partnership with Franklin & Marshall College for speakers

WALTERS’ TRUST PROGRAMS: Community Outreach Grants to Af.Am. Historical Soc. Of PA; partnership for Public Health, Camp Will scholarships, Homefields; Social Justice Grants to UUCL Justice w Mercy; Community Bldg. Grants to Web & Wheel, Circles of Trust, Artful Living, Green Sanctuary. Outreach to UU Chico Fellowship for Disaster Relief.

WEB & WHEEL: sponsored Selena Fox for Spring Equinox event; hosted Divination weekend with Nancy Veddar-Shults; celebrated 26 yrs. of Winter Solstice services; sponsored unique Triple Spiral Labyrinth; expanded pagan educational offerings.

Leaders Circle Meeting Minutes

Date: 2/5/2020

Present: Evanna Morris. Kay Welty, Garry Lefever, Robert Close, Holly Williams, Linda Dobbins, David Dobbins, Susan Lithgoe, George K., John Snyder, Stephanie Santiago, Laurie Thompson, Suzanne Sturm Dunkle (scribe)

Chalice lighting by Diane Toigo. Diane read some words by Michael Moore.

Committee Reports and updates:

Ministerial Search Committee (MSC)- Laurie Thompson, Stephanie Santiago

  • MSC handed out a report to the LC that included updates on interviewing the candidates and narrowing down the candidates.
  • Tentative – Save the dates of April 26-May3-candidate week as they will have a jam packed week of activities so that everyone will have a chance to meet the ministerial candidate. More details to follow,
  • There will be two tours of candidates coming through in February. Claudia and Evanna walked through the building “with a new set of eyes” as if seeing the building for the first time. Pictures were taken and a Power Point presentation was shown. It was suggested that a committee be formed to “tidy” up the church.

Facilities- Robert Close

  • Robert, George K. and John Dunkle have been working together to do some upgrades to the church. They have been working on upgrading the bathrooms and bringing them up to code, painting the hallways and stairwells, changing the lighting, painting Emerson Hall and more.
  • The kitchen has been cleaned and organized. A new sign has been made for the kitchen.
  • All the church chandeliers have been dusted by Robert.
  • There is a plan forming to wash the church windows. Volunteers?

CO-OP schools: Sharron Nelson

  • Sharron will update the CO-OPS on what we discussed.

Budget- John Snyder

  • Handouts (budgets) were given to each of the committee leaders that were present. The handouts are to be filled out and given back to John in two weeks.

Music-Diane Toigo

  • Eli Sauls is officially permanent. He is doing a great job!
  • We are actively looking for a pianist.
  • The Cabaret will be April 4 at 7pm.It will be in Emerson Hall this year.
  • Music for Everyone concert will be May 16 at 3pm.

Lecture Committee-George K.

  • Would like to bring John Pavlovitch in late September for a workshop. The workshop would be Friday to Sunday. Other groups are welcome to partner with the lecture committee. More to follow.

Green Sanctuary-David Dobbins

  • Green sanctuary hosted coffee hour last month and it went very well.
  • Saturday February 29, Climate Victory Garden Seminar, three speakers will be coming
  • Partnering with Lancaster Conservatory for event March 18. Professor Doug Tallamy will present a talk on “Small things that matter in our universe.” This will be held at Willow Valley. You must register on line. Look for flyers in Emerson Hall for details.
  •  Annual Earth day celebration in May with plant sale.

Justice with Mercy-Holly Williams

  • Joan Sabatino from UUplan will be at UUCL March 22 to present talk on Social Criminal Justice. More info to follow.
  • Working on safety plan for the church.

Community Calendars and Website review-Linda Dobbins

  • There are 3 calendars for our church and community. This can lead to some conflicts. Stephanie and Quinn are working on this problem. In the meantime. Stephanie has created a spreadsheet to deal with this issue. The spreadsheet is not up and running yet.
  • It has been discussed that we have no mission statement. It was brought to our attention that the BOT made the decision to have the new minister help write the new mission statement.
  • Our bylaws are not on our new website. Laurie Thompson will look into this issue.

Our next meeting is April 1, 2020

Our facilitator will be Laurie Thompson

Our scribe is Marianne Smith (COM)

Leaders’ Circle Facilitators:  The leadership role will rotate.

Artful LivingEvanna Morrislele88@comcast.net
Auction CommitteeLaurie Thompsonlauriet0163@comcast.net
Children’s Faith Dev. CouncilLenore Bajare-Dukeslenore@uuclonline.org
Committee on MinistryMarianne SmithMariannesmith77@gmail.com
Development, Investments, & TrustsJohn Herrjherr@johnherrphoto.com
Dinner Go RoundFrederick & Cindy Foster-Clarkffccfc@verizon.net
Facilities CommitteeRobert Closerobert.just.iz@gmail.com
Financial Advisory CommitteeJohn Snyderjsnbarb@comcast.net
Green SanctuaryKyki Bobotasbkyki@yahoo.com
IT GroupAlan Jacobsitgroup@uuclonline.org
Justice with MercyLynn Millerlmm050855@gmail.com
Library CommitteeEmily Kleninklenin@ucla.edu
Lifespan Faith DevelopmentLenore Bajare-Dukeslenore@uuclonline.org
Membership CommitteeSusan Lithgoesusan.lithgoe@verizon.net
Music CommitteeDiane Toigo     dianetoigo@gmail.com
Operations TeamJohn Dunkleoperations@uuclonline.org
Pastoral AssociatesGarry LeFevrelefevregarry@gmail.com
Personnel CommitteeKay Weltykawcc@verizon.net
Racial Justice & HealingStephanie Santiagosjsantiago91@gmail.com
Sound TeamRobert Ulrichsound@uuclonline.org
StewardshipGeorge Herr-Riseriggynliza@msn.com
UshersCarol Myerscarol_myers2@verizon.net
Walters Garvin LectureTanis Garber-Shawtanisg213@gmail.com
Walters Trust
Wheel / LabyrinthLinda Dobbinsdldobbins44@yahoo.com
Worship AssociatesSharron Nelsonyorkshireden1@aol.com