Children & Youth Faith Development

Sunday Morning Programming

Explore our Sunday morning classes for 2019-2020 church year:

  • Spirit Play: Kindergarten – Second Grade 
  • Spirit Play: Third – Fifth Grade
    • Spirit Play is a Unitarian Universalist classroom methodology based on Montessori educational theory. Your child’s classroom experience involves storytelling, artistic exploration, community-building, and a feast!
    • This year, the K-2 and 3-5 classes gather together for “Soulful Sunday” on the first Sunday of every month: Children’s worship, led by the DLFD, on the Soul Matters theme for the whole church. A great opportunity to talk as a family about your spiritual explorations of the same topic!
  • Crossing Paths: Sixth – Eighth Grade
    • “Many Mountains, Many Paths.” In Crossing Paths, youth go on visits to other faith traditions as they build interfaith skills and delve into their own faith formation. We explore what these faith traditions have to say about our monthly Soul Matters themes, which the congregation is wrestling with each month.
  • Coming of Age: Youth Group
    • Youth Group is a place for older teens to explore and be their authentic self, growing together with other high-school-aged people. It helps to have a group of like-minded church friends while navigating our strange world!
How do Sunday mornings work?
  • Classes meet weekly, except on Multigenerational Worship Sundays and major holiday weekends.
  • Children in Kindergarten through eighth grade begin in worship with their families and leave partway through worship with their teachers for faith development classes (‘singing the children to class). Children ages 0-4 (per-Kindergarten age) go directly to childcare in the nursery while families are in worship. The youth group meets directly at 10AM in their room, except when they are attending the service together.
  • On Soulful Sundays, a new first Sunday monthly tradition at UUCL, which the whole church engages with the Soul Matters monthly theme at once! We hope this will help you have interesting conversations at home. Every first Sunday of the month, K-5 gather together for children’s worship led by Lenore and an adult member. Children join adults in Emerson Hall for multigenerational snack.
  • Parents/guardians are invited to enjoy coffee, tea, and conversation at Social Hour before picking up children and youth in their classrooms at 11:30AM. On Soulful Sundays on the first Sunday of the month, pick-up (except nursery) is in Emerson Hall at 11:15AM, in order to enjoy multi-generational snack time.
Who are we?

We are Unitarian Universalists. We are a people with a free faith that allows us to learn and explore together. We believe in 7 promises:

  1. Respect All Beings
  2. Offer Fair and Kind Treatment
  3. Yearn and Learn
  4. Grow in Spirit and Mind
  5. Believe in Your Ideas and Act on Them
  6. Insist on Peace, Freedom, and Justice
  7. Value the Connections in All Creation

We are a team. The Director of Lifespan Faith Development, our volunteer teachers, the Minister, other staff, the Children’s Faith Development Council, families, and children and youth themselves all work together to make up the Children & Youth Faith Development Program. We depend on our whole community to help one another grow in spirituality, learn about Unitarian Universalism, and explore for spiritual and moral growth and exploration!

  • Join us! Volunteer to teach, to ‘keep the door’ a few times a year for your child’s class, or to share a talent.
  • Help us buy supplies, keep the building running, and grow through innovative programming by giving to UUCL.