UUCL’s Mural Town Hall Project

Our Goals

At the February 28th Town Hall, our taskforce proposed the creation of a public mural on a blank cement space on the northern face of UUCL’s Education Building. This mural would proclaim some of the core values of the church’s mission and spiritual identity to passersby on Chestnut Street.

During the Town Hall, we presented the goals to which this mural aspires through a slide show which you can see here. We thank all who attended for their input and questions. Many offered comments in the Zoom chat, and we are reviewing those to see which ones need following up. For those unable to attend the Town Hall or those wishing to add additional input, please use the Mural Feedback Form as a place to provide observations (or ideas), joys, concerns, and questions about our mural idea. Your feedback will be anonymous unless you choose to tell us who you are. If you want to be contacted by a task force member, please indicate in the questionnaire form.

“Come, nourish the Spirit, connect in love, and live for Justice.”