Our Re-opening Task Force is in discussion about how we return to in-person church activities. Our analysis is grounded in science and using the guiding values of inclusivity, care, and respect for privacy. Our re-opening date has not been determined. One important detail to share is the return of our pre-school to the building this Fall 2021. We see this as an essential community service.

We’ll be providing updates throughout our website and social media.

In unity and communication,

Rev Israel and Reopening Task Force.

Hybrid Worship and Meetings

It has been determined that our reopening will combine the online option and in-person options for worship and meetings. So far we have updated our soundboard in the Sanctuary to support hybrid Sunday worship. We also need to do some testing of our TVs to be sure they are able to zoom. 

Our Way Together:

We are using CDC, UUA, and also fellow UU congregations to discover our way. There is no exact plan to follow because each community and congregation has different needs. Here are the links we are using for guidance. Please also note the message from our Board. 

Important Links:


Note from BOT

CDC Considerations for Faith communities