Soul Matters

September 2021 Update: Register today for a Soul Matters group!

Small groups of people committed to exploring spirituality together are forming right now to meet online, outdoors, or indoors (with covenantal conversation about safety) for this congregational year!

In joining a Soul Matters group, you can expect to gather online each month with 8-10 fellow Unitarian Universalists to explore your spiritual life in a deeper way. Soul Matters groups meet online once a month to explore our church’s monthly theme through an at-home packet of spiritual readings, videos, music, and soul-searching questions.

Whether you are a returning Soul Matters participant or want to participate in this spiritual exploration for the first time, please fill out this form to be registered in Soul Matters. Soul Matters groups from last year may decide to continue meeting in September or October. New members will be placed in existing or newly created groups.

About Soul Matters

Soul Matters is theme-based ministry for the whole congregation. Each month, we join over 150 UU congregations across the country in exploring a monthly theme through resources from the Soul Matters program.

Soul Matters is throughout congregational life at UUCL – in worship services, in gatherings for children and youth, and in small groups that explore the theme together!

What are Soul Matters groups? 

Unitarian Universalism entails seeking truth and meaning in covenant with others–and Soul Matters small-group ministry can extend your practice beyond Sunday mornings. Soul Matters groups offer an intimate community of trust who covenant to gathering for a year (or more) to explore and deeply discuss a compilation of spiritual resources each month on a topic connected to UUCL’s monthly worship theme. These groups currently meet online.

Soul Matters participants help one another deepen personal spiritual practices and strengthen their bonds with each other as members of this faith community.

What is Soul Matters like?

Many at UUCL find Soul Matters groups a deeply meaningful part of our spiritual practice. They offer a sense of belonging and a circle of fellow UUs who support one another’s spiritual growth. Soul Matters groups consist of eight to ten people. Each month, members explore the packet of spiritual resources on their own, then gather with the group to share how the insights and wonderings from the packet have illuminated their lives.

Facilitators from the congregation, who meet regularly with the Director of Lifespan Faith Development, guide each group in a specific process designed to foster deep listening and trust.

You can learn more about the Soul Matters approach here. Go here to download the month of September’s sample packet.

UUCL offers four types of Soul Matters groups:

  • Soul Matters groups: Most groups at UUCL follow the core Soul Matters format, delving into the monthly packet and then meeting to discuss it deeply.
  • Starting Point: From the creators of Soul Matters, Starting Point brings new life to UU theology & history. After several sessions of exploring what Unitarian Universalism and spiritual connection mean to participants, the group continues with the “regular” Soul Matters experience of the monthly themed packet. Perfect for those newer to Unitarian Universalism or UUCL and long-time members who want to build community.
  • “Moving and Making” Soul Matters group: Members of this group stretch their spiritual muscles to engage with the monthly theme and communicate with their Soul Matters group first and foremost through creative and embodied practices. This might include body movement, drawing, music, craft work, poetry, movement meditation, and prioritizing the creative or multimedia resources in the packet.
  • Parents’ Soul Matters group: A Soul Matters group for parents who seek to explore the monthly theme alongside other parents, finding connection and support along the way.

“It occurred to me three years ago that Soul Matters truly is the heart of my UUCL experience.  This small group exemplifies the acceptance and social impartiality we all seek.  The topics examined are thought-provoking. It is so uplifting to take the time and inclination to examine my life.”  

Candy DeGreen

 “I love the topics and various sources provided each month in the packet.  Our thoughtful leader helps us mine our own thoughts and responses.  I also got to know a lot more UUCL members through the group.” 

Kirsten Buchanan