To fill out UUCL Announcements for Worship form, click below:

Announcements after worship are one of our best ways to invite people in to the life of the church and the community! Please fill out and submit this form for your announcement to be read by a Worship Associate at the end of UUCL’s worship services. You will receive a confirmation email.

We welcome announcements from members and friends of UUCL about programs of the church and connected events in the community. Please use wording that welcomes people in and doesn’t make assumptions about what people already know (e.g. using whole names and not acronyms, using full names and contact information for a “talk to so-and-so,” etc.). Worship Associates may use their judgment about whether to include an announcement if they have time constraints or questions about the announcement’s relevance to church life.

Please keep your announcement brief! The form will only allow 100 words (the length of two tweets!), but try for briefer. Please indicate on which Sundays you wish your announcement to be read by the Worship Associate. Items announced in worship are the “headline;” the LOVEletter Email is the place for more.

All announcements need to be submitted to our Worship Associates through this form by Saturday at noon in order to be included in Sunday worship.

Come into this place of peace and let its silence heal your spirit;
Come into this place of memory and let its history warm your soul;
Come into this place of prophecy & power and let its vision change your heart.

William F. Schulz- Unitarian Universalist Minister