Past Worship Services

January 5, 2020: “Living with Integrity, Living with Wholeness”

Sunday, January 5 10:00 AM Rev. Dr. Barbara Coeyman As we begin a new calendar year, let us consider the role of integrity, that sense of being whole and complete. Even as I’ve often referred to Parker Palmer’s concept of “hidden wholeness,” let’s return to it to explore how greater transparency and authenticity within ourselves andContinue reading “January 5, 2020: “Living with Integrity, Living with Wholeness””

December 29, 2019: “Welcoming the Emergent Future”

Sunday, December 29 10:00AM Karen Carnabucci Explore what the practice of systemic constellations offers our understanding of the coming year. We will open our arms to greet a future that is just emerging, as this past year moves behind us. Come, celebrate the turning of the year in ritual and community.

December 24, 2019: “Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service”

Tuesday, December 24 7PM Rev. Dr. Barbara Coeyman Come, join this holiday tradition. Bring friends and family to this multi-generational service of Lessons and Carols of the season. Music and readings will be offered by UUCL’s members and friends of all ages, The service also includes the traditional candlelighting ceremony. Note the time of the service:Continue reading “December 24, 2019: “Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service””

December 22, 2019: “Mid-Winter Taize Meditations”

Sunday, December 22 10:00 AM  Rev. Dr. Barbara Coeyman Today, resonate with the sounds and spirit of Taize music, a worship tradition which originated around 1940 among the Taize Monastic Order in Burgundy, France, a traiditon which brings Catholics and Protestants together. An authentic Taizé worship service involves sung and chanted prayers, meditation, silence, andContinue reading “December 22, 2019: “Mid-Winter Taize Meditations””

December 1, 2019: Finding Awe in the Everyday

Sunday, December 1 10:00AM Rev. Dr. Barbara Coeyman How do you experience awe? Do you experience paradox, or perhaps challenge, in appreciating experiences of awe while remaining grounded in everyday necessities? What stops you from experience of awe, and might some as yet unexplored experiences of awe be all around you in everyday activities? We welcomeContinue reading “December 1, 2019: Finding Awe in the Everyday”

November 24, 2019: "Attention as a Gift of Gratitude”

Sunday, November 24 10:00AM Rev. Dr. Barbara Coeyman Come celebrate this season of Thanksgiving with others as we come together in a multi-generational service  where we bring our vegetables to make Soup. Stay after the service for a community lunch to share our soup and fellowship together.