UUCL Board of Trustees Meeting on Zoom

A Note from your Board of Trustees

Thank you for the questions and feedback from this past Sunday’s Town Hall meeting. One of the topics of discussion was how to make the church building a safe place to gather, with questions about improving air circulation and filters. Our HVAC consultant has advised us that there are not currently “Covid safe” air circulation metrics, and that our church is actually better than most buildings because of the HVAC system that we have. We have worked with our HVAC company to explore possibilities for improving our system, and the conclusions so far have been we’d have great expense for little improvement. We want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with our building – it’s just that there are no Covid-free buildings. What makes a building safer from Covid spread is the humans – bringing case rates down and vaccination rates up to lower community spread, and social distancing and masking while inside the building. We will continue to explore marginal improvements to air circulation as we hopefully get closer to lower case rates and reopening. We appreciate your patience. The most important thing you can do to get us all back into the building is to live out our UU values to respect science and communicate that to those around you.