Racial Justice and Healing Committee

Racial Justice and Healing Committee

Vision Statement

UUCL will be a loving community committed to working for racial justice and healing in Lancaster city and surrounding counties.

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Mission Statement

Racial Justice and Healing Committee Mission Statement

Believing in the inherent worth of all life, our mutual interdependency, and the need to create a world in which all life has the opportunity to flourish, Unitarian Universalism is deeply rooted in social justice as a direct expression of our faith.

To realize our Unitarian Universalist faith principles, the Racial Justice and Healing (RJH) Committee:

  • advances a proactive movement in UUCL culture that promotes racial justice and healing in our community.
  • provides leadership, resources, and educational and active working experiences that assist the UUCL community in helping create racial justice and healing.

By using a reflective, active, and collaborative approach, the RJH Committee works on this mission within UUCL by:

  • serving as a compassionate and trusted listening presence on issues of racial justice.
  • providing book-reading discussion groups, films, speakers, covenantal groups and workshops which all have a goal of helping to increase participants’ awareness and understanding of white privilege and institutional racism in the local community and nation.
  • providing resources and opportunities for individuals in our church and local community to work on honing skills in combatting attitudinal and systemic racism.
  • being leaders and models of racial justice by embodying a multicultural racially just UU identity, by helping to reinforce racial healing values in our intersection with all other programs within the church.

As the RJH Committee advances, it further works on this mission by:

  • promoting racially inclusive coalition-building skills by supporting interfaith and civic celebrations that promote racial justice.
  • serving as witnesses by identifying and naming acts of racism, microaggression, and oppression.
  • serving as allies and partners to other Lancaster organizations working for racial healing and racial justice.

The RJH Committee’s Vision and Mission Statements have been compiled from the ideas of its own members and from statements of other UU social justice committees.

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