Faith Development

Faith Development Program

Spiritual growth supported under the umbrella of our Lifespan Faith Development program

Here at UUCL, we support children, youth, adults, and families of all shapes and sizes in living their best Unitarian Universalist lives throughout the whole week and the whole year. Our Faith Development theme for this fall is “Gather the Spirit, Harvest the Power.” We are learning to gather again in so many ways while protecting the most vulnerable in our community.

  • We connect online; in-person in the spacious, tree-filled Chalice Garden behind the church building; with others in our households and families; in small groups.
  • We connect with peers, and in groups of many generations together.
  • We gather for social connection, for spiritual deepening, for justice-making…together.

We keep adapting to this unique time, together. We don’t know exactly what this year will hold, but we know the building blocks for it. What they look like will be shaped by you and your community! Explore our faith development programming by ages below. 

Children & Youth Programs

Adult Programs

Co-op Preschool

Faith Development Events

Open Table: A Fellowship Searching for Answers on Religion and Life

The Open Table is a study group that welcomes a spectrum of open minded seekers, and features leadership from individuals with diverse theological backgrounds. Since the closure of the church, […]

Open Table: A Liberal Christian Fellowship

Our next Open Table Meeting will be on Sunday, November 7, 2021 at 3:00pm at a personal residence.Tom Barninger will lead a discussion on the book “The History Of Monopolies.” […]

Emergent Strategy Group Exploration

Multi-platform: in UUCL’s Chalice Garden and on Zoom.

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