Board and Governance

Board and Governance

The governance of this church rests with its members.

UUism in Lancaster, PA

The governance of this church rests with our members. We hold congregational meetings twice yearly to fill elected positions, approve the budget, and make other decisions.

Members elect a Board of Trustees:

    • To have general charge of the affairs and property of the church
    • To formulate policies and recommend actions for the consideration of the congregation.
    • Congregationally elected and board-appointed committees assist the Board.

Board-Appointed Committees

  • Financial Advisory Committee is an advisory body for the Treasurer of the Board in decisions related to the financial health of the church.
  • Committee on the Ministry (COM) interprets, supports, and monitors the ministry of the Church. Recommendations for the COM usually are made by the Lead Minister.
  • Personnel Committee provides recommendations and advice to the Board and the Senior Staff on policy, staffing needs, and operational matters pertaining to staff members of the Church.
  • Leadership Development Committee recruits and nominates persons to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees, all congregationally-elected committees, as well as other Board requested committees. The Nominating Committee presents a list of qualified nominees for positions to be filled by election at the annual congregational business meeting.
  • Ad hoc committees and special task forces are appointed by the Board on an as-needed basis.

Leaders’ Circle

The Leaders’ Circle is comprised of all committee chairs, or their designee, for all committees of good standing in the church. The Board is represented at meetings of the Leaders Circle, which meets every other month, by a Board-appointed Trustee.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees or on one of the vital leadership committees contact the Leadership Development Committee.

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