Walters Trust

Walters Trust


Art Walters believed in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster because of its mission to all mankind. His mission was much the same as the UUCL’s. We are a welcoming, nurturing community that celebrates our spiritual diversity. Commitment to our Unitarian Universalist principles inspires us to create positive change in our world.

History of Art Walters

Art grew up very poor in a log cabin in Northwest North Carolina. He learned the world of business early in his childhood, raising sheep and selling the wool. Art’s first good job was at Firestone Rubber in California, learning how to vulcanize tires. He took his knowledge and moved back to Lancaster to start his own tire business. Art bought his first car by accident, wanting the tires rather than the car. It was during the war and the rubber was more valuable than the car. Art went on to own a variety of businesses, from candy and properties, to even an island in the Chesapeake. He eventually started the Manheim Auto auction which is very successful to this day.

Art Walters’ success can be attributed to his uncanny ability in the business world and to the quality of his character. He believed that all people were equal: men, women, all races, religions, sexual identities, and nationalities. He was open to accepting diversity of opinions and beliefs. He loved to debate and did not need to see a winner or loser, but enjoyed the process of discussion and learning.

Art’s wishes of leaving money to the UUCL for furthering the beliefs of the Unitarian Church in today’s society were met in 2002 with the establishment of the Art Walters Trust. Part of that fund left monies to be distributed to programs that will keep the vision and goals of Art Walters alive and well in the Lancaster County community.

Walters Trust Applications

Application Requirements

  • Be sure all requested information is included.
  • Make sure contact names and phone numbers are accurate and current.
  • Make sure the grant meets the Purpose and the Mission of the UUCL.
  • Include a narrative of how the project will be implemented.
  • Include a detailed budget. The grant does not support salaries.
  • Make sure the grant meets one of the four submission deadlines: the 15th until the end of the month on March, June, September, or December.
  • The Walters Trust Program Committee requests a follow-up narrative report of the project funded and a brief budget summary.

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