Leaders Circle

Statement of Purpose

Leaders Circle

Reimagining Each Other

The Leaders Circle is comprised of all committee chairs, or their designee, for all committees of good standing in the church. The Board is represented at meetings of the Leaders Circle, which meets every other month, by a Board-appointed Trustee.

The purpose of Leaders’ Circle is to support the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster’s mission and its shared ministries through collaboration, coordination, and communication.

Committees and ministries are encouraged to share event plans, new initiatives, concerns and annual calendars for open discussion, prioritizing and scheduling.

Artful Living Inactive Committee
Auction Committee Leslie Laird
Board of Trustees Carole Campbell
Caring Team Candy DeGreen
Committee on Ministry Kay Welty
Development, Investments, & Trusts David Dobbins
Facilities Committee Robert Close
Financial Advisory Committee John Snyder
Green Sanctuary Open
Hospitality Inactive Committee
Justice with Mercy Michele Capobianco
Labyrinth Linda Dobbins
Library Committee Emily Klenin
Faith Development Lenore Bajare-Dukes
Membership Committee Susan Lithgoe
Minister Israel Buffardi
Music Committee TBD
Personnel Committee TBD
Racial Justice & Healing Stephanie Santiago
Sound Team Robert Ulrich
Stewardship TBD
Ushers Inactive Committee
Walters Garvin Lecture Inactive Committee
Walters Trust George Kerekgyarto
Web & Wheel Heather Gehron-Rice
Worship Associates TBD
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