Caring Team

Caring Team Committee

We offer a way for the UUCL to be here for each other, through all of life’s milestones

Elderly Assistance

For Community Resources, please review this PDF from the United Way:

Where to Call When You Need Help


The Caring Team fulfills one of our newest intentions as a community: offering a way for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster to be here for each other, through all of life’s milestones. Everyone on our Caring Team is trained to work alongside our ministers, providing compassionate presence to others within our community. If you are welcoming a new baby, experiencing a loss, dealing with a health issue, or otherwise living through a big change or a tough time, we can accompany you through it.

For more information, click here to download the Caring Team document.

How to Get Involved:

Anyone at UUCL can e-mail any of the facilitators below to let us know you could use some support or wish to help. Aside from certain emergency situations, all matters attended to by our Caring Team will be held in confidence by the Team.

Team Leaders:

The UUCL Minister (, Candy DeGreen (, and Carole Campbell (

Referrals Form

Sub Teams and Facilitators


Seek out or note referrals for those within our church community who may need assistance.


A visitor from the Caring Team may be assigned a housebound, hospitalized, sick or grieving congregant or a resident of a nursing facility. This visitor will then become the “point person” as we check on the status of the congregant. Phone contact can be arranged during this time of Covid.

Facilitator(s): Elizabeth Haralam Shuba (

Caring Contact:

Providing a Caring Contact to congregation members. The Little Sparrows have communicated with congregants to check on their emotional and physical wellness.

Facilitator(s): Lou Ann Miller (

Community Resources:

Knowledgeable persons who provide references of groups and programs available within the Lancaster community and UUCL which can be utilized by members of our congregation in times of need. This may include workshops to educate congregants on community resources.

Facilitator(s): Sharron Nelson (


Provide transportation for congregants and their loved ones for medical appointments, etc. as needed. These individuals might also provide rides to church services and events if requested by congregants.

Facilitator(s): Linda Dobbins (


Setting up and distributing meals on a part time basis. Also making meals available for congregants to pick up and deliver to those needing nourishment.

Memorial Services:

Assist in the planning and presenting of memorial services and celebrations of life. This would include food and set-ups. This team would have their own members who could be contacted for help. To be developed are guidelines for our modern times to include an online service.

Facilitator(s): Cindy Foster-Clark (


Write birthday cards and personal notes to congregants, write get-well cards and personal notes to sick or hospitalized congregants, or call and/or send e-mails to housebound congregants.

Facilitator(s): Paula Jackson (

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