Are You Thinking About Becoming a Member of this Congregation?

Sitting Congregation

Try us out. Come to several Sunday services and stay after the service; attend a smaller group virtual event; have a phone or Zoom conversation with our minister. Get to know someone!

Come to a Newcomer Orientation. These are held several times per year. Email to let us know you would like to attend.

Get involved. Our activities are open to everyone. You can come to an Adult Faith Development class, volunteer to help the church or the community, or participate in one of our many discussion groups.

Join us, become a member! At a certain point in their relationship with the congregation, many people feel the desire to increase the expression of their commitment. They find that they have moved from thinking that “this is the congregation I go to,” to feeling that it is “this is my congregation.” This is the time to formalize your membership.

What We Encourage of our Members

  • Regular Attendance at Weekly Worship in the Sanctuary. Regular Sunday attendance will help you feel connected to the spiritual heart of our community. Your attendance is important to the gathered community – we all are essential.
  • Regular Participation by Children and Youth in our Faith Development Program. It is as important for our children and youth to gather together regularly as it is for our adults. Together we are building a community, and that takes showing up.
  • Working on your own Spiritual Development. Growth is one of the signs that being part of the community is working.
  • Pledging at a Stewardship Level. We ask members to contribute at least 2.5% of their income to the congregation. We recognize that not everyone will be able to do this – and that some will be able to do far more. Feel free to talk to a minister if your financial situation precludes giving financial support.
  • Serving the Congregation. What does it mean to commit to a community and, then, not support it? Our church needs financial resources, and it needs you to offer your time and your talents. There are many ways – large and small – for you to give of yourself to this “home.” This service also includes attendance at the annual congregational meeting in the Spring at which we do the work of the congregation.
  • Serving Others. Unitarian Universalists are committed not only to making their own congregational communities strong, but also working to build a wider Beloved Community in the world. It is not just our institution that is involved in the work of justice; we expect our members to find ways to engage as well.
  • Deepening your Unitarian Universalist Identity. There are local, regional, and national events that bring together people from the more than 1,000 Unitarian Universalist congregations across the country. This is not the only manifestation of our larger Association.

Privileges of Membership

Everyone is welcome to participate in church life, but a few things are only available to church members:

Becoming a Member of UUCL

For general information, feel free to contact the Membership Committee. For detailed questions, please reach out to the Minister.

Starting Point

Connect with newer UUs, long-time members, and those just getting to know UUCL to listen, talk and share. Over the course of three sessions, you will explore your own and others’ spiritual stories and delve deeper into Unitarian Universalism, guided by our minister, Faith Development, and Membership teams. For more information, contact the office.

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