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10am on Sundays: Zoom/Youtube Livestream.

Join Zoom by phone: (301) 715-8592
Zoom meeting ID: 966 2373 9683
Password: 71717

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10am on Sundays: Worship in our UUCL Sanctuary.

538 W. Chestnut St, Lancaster, PA 17603

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Board Reflections: Stewardship & Care

The Oxford English Dictionary offers varied definitions of the word “stewardship,” but perhaps the simplest is this: “the job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property.” […]

The 2023 Block Party and Mural Dedication

The 2023 Block Party and Mural Dedication was organized by Sindy M. Pollard and Stephanie Santiago. Both had ideas for an event and decided to combine the two into one. […]

Board Reflections: The Full Bloom of UUCL

Wow, before I even saw the impressive news that we have received about 3/4 of our budgeted pledges, I had planned to write about how awesome our church has been […]

Board Reflections: Good Stewards

Good Stewards We all want to take care of the things that bring meaning to our lives, be it people, pets, our home, or beloved places like our church. Imagine […]