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Notes on Reopening

From the Board of Trustees and the Reopening Task Force 7/27/21 The Board, in conjunction with the Reopening Task Force, wants to share current thinking about reopening of our church for worship. We are opening in September for celebrations of life and rites of passage. We will also be hosting some service projects around the building and trainings. More info to come. The backyard is open for use; reservations can be made online. Bathrooms are available. Our tentative target for opening our sanctuary for regular Sunday worship is currently November. The fall will begin with services via Zoom with liveContinue reading “Notes on Reopening”

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  • Common Roads Information
    Common Roads is a community organization that UUCL supports. The Common Roads Lancaster Youth Group provides social and educational programs for LGBTQ+ youth ages 12-17. Common Roads is currently hosting groups hybrid (in person and online). The youth group for Lancaster is currently meeting virtually (unless otherwise stated). You can find more information about programming here: https://centralpalgbtcenter.org/commonroads Here is a document that lists further information about all of our youth and young adult groups that will be updated on a monthly basis. https://tinyurl.com/CRProgramming
  • A Note from your Board of Trustees
    Thank you for the questions and feedback from this past Sunday’s Town Hall meeting. One of the topics of discussion was how to make the church building a safe place to gather, with questions about improving air circulation and filters. Our HVAC consultant has advised us that there are not currently “Covid safe” air circulation metrics, and that our church is actually better than most buildings because of the HVAC system that we have. We have worked with our HVAC company to explore possibilities for improving our system, and the conclusions so far have been we’d have great expense forContinue reading “A Note from your Board of Trustees”
  • Upcoming October and November Community Events
    The Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster is proud to be a member of such a vibrant community. We have many partners in our community, and even more organizations that we support on a personal level. Below is a list of upcoming events in Lancaster, PA that align with our values.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster has been a liberal religious voice in Lancaster County for over 100 years.

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