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The Dan Wert Planned Parenthood Building

During our Worship Service on Nov. 20, 2022 the UUCL Walters Grants Committee presented a check for $15,000 to Planned Parenthood Lancaster in honor of Dr. Dan Wert. Recently Dr. Wert […]

The Wheel Of The Year – December

Submitted by Linda Dobbins The Wheel turns to December, the last month, the arrival of another season is on the horizon at Winter Solstice. Earth lives deeply, quietly and richly. […]

Wheel Of The Year: Waning Fall

Submitted by Linda Dobbins November wanes as Fall deepens and pushes further toward Winter. The season sharpens with bitter air, lusty winds and a lowering sun. Leaves are blown and […]

The Wheel Of The Year: September-December

Submitted by Linda Dobbins of Web & Wheel Earth Spirituality honors the change, progress and ending of the seasons, called The Wheel of the Year. In September, the Fall Equinox […]