Communications And Outreach


Communications Guidelines


Newsletter Submissions:

The newsletter is mainly informational for things coming from the church to the congregants and friends. It has limited space and will mainly offer a message of the upcoming service and then clickable headlines for other events and information. It is not meant to tell stories, share articles or detailed information. The reason for this is that there is very limited space and at a certain point the information just cuts off. No one wants to be below the cut off point.

It may feel like the details are important. However, if someone is interested in your event, say Meditative Origami, they will read the what, when and where and click on the link to register. This drives people to our webpage and gives room for a breadth of information without sacrificing valuable space in the newsletter.

Most events will be advertised for two weeks leading to an event as per the judgment of the communications coordinator. You should have your event in by the deadline which is Tuesday. Ongoing events will be posted in our “ongoing events” section toward the bottom of the Love Letter.

  • Submitting early means there is more opportunity to clarify and discuss any issues with your document, so you don’t have to wait until Tuesday to submit.

If you would like something to also be posted on social media please write “open to the public” in your request for submission.

  • Submissions longer than the requested format will have the vital information extracted and contain a link to the website. To be sure your words are included, please stick to the format.

How to format newsletter submissions:

Please submit this to the newsletter for the week of (insert date). Open to the public.


Meditative Origami

Founders Hall – Sunday May 7th, 2023 at 4 PM

We will be led by Julie Pan in a process art exercise of origami that focuses on mindfulness and creativity.

Open to the public

If it is a series it should read:

Meditative Origami Series

Founders Hall – Sundays May 7th through the 28th, 2023 at 4 PM

We will be led by Julie Pan in a process art exercise of origami that focuses on mindfulness and creativity. Registration Required.

Open to the public


There will be a link that will go to a webpage on our website that gives more detailed information. In your website description it will have all the lovely details about your event.



Meditative Origami Series

Sponsored by Artful Living

Sundays May 7th through 28th.


Julie Pan is a mindfulness instructor who has been using various process art techniques to encourage and teach the beauty of the process of art for it’s own sake. She has written a book “Busy Hands Empty Mind” and has been an active UU for 30 years. Please join us for this meditative creative journey that will teach you the importance and enrichment that being in the moment brings as we go through this series together. You needn’t attend all meetings, but registration is required for various materials and time considerations. We will only be accepting 8 people per session so register early.

With Peace and Love.

Social Media Distribution

If you would like your event to be published on social media, which means it is open to the public at large, not just those who receive our newsletter. Then be sure to include “Open to the Public” in your request for the newsletter. There will be a small campaign made for your event that will run up to registration and day prior to attendance.


If you have an informational entry into the newsletter you should send the entire entry to The information will be put on the website and there will be a link to that information in the newsletter.

For example:

We are happy to announce that the church mural will be going up on October 17th, 2022. Click here for more information.

  • There will be a button or link that will lead to that information. These sort of information entries will run for 1-3 weeks at the discretion of the communications coordinator.