Inclusive, Vibrant Congregational Life for all!

Inclusive, Vibrant Congregational Life for all!

Outdoors & Online • Year-Round

The Congregation is the Curriculum
Outdoor activity with adult and child

The congregation offers vibrant music programming, social events, and opportunities to show up for justice! Most of these events are for all ages.

We warmly encourage children to attend and work to make it possible for parents and other caregivers to show up.

Youth are encouraged to come and also to collaborate and take on leadership in things they’re passionate about.

As parents, grandparents, youth, kids, and whole families, you’re encouraged to participate in the full life of the congregation, including:

  • Sunday Coffee Hour – most Sundays at 12 PM, weather permitting, gather in UUCL’s outdoor spaces, connect with old and new friends, and talk about spiritual themes. Hosted by staff and members.
  • All-church social events: This past year, we did Apple picking, Halloween parades, church picnics, game meet-ups, movie nights, and more. We can offer more of these if we have interest and people to make them happen!
  • Playground meet-ups for younger kids and their families.
  • Justice-making with UUCL’s committees. We’ve protested together, danced and blown bubbles outside the polls, packed kits to welcome returning citizens, mailed UU the Vote postcards, and more.

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