Next Open Table Meeting: Sunday July 25th at 3pm

Our next Open Table Meeting will be on Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 3:00pm at the home of Norman and Dottie in Lancaster. Email for contact information and address. We will begin to discuss the book “Jesus And After: The First Eighty Years” by E. Bruce Brooks. You can also contact the office for information on how to obtain this book.

The Open Table is a study group that welcomes a spectrum of open minded seekers, and features leadership from individuals with diverse theological backgrounds. Open Table is open to new participants.

Curious about what quantum physics says that may impact what you believe about miracles and post-resurrection appearances? Have you ever said the Lord’s Prayer in church, or in private, and wondered how Jesus meant the prayer in its original context? Should economics and religion be tied together and if so, how? Is there an economic, social, and political side to religion? Should politics and religion be separate?

Join an Open Table discussion to explore these questions and more.