2021 Covid Masks
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Notes on Reopening

From the Board of Trustees and the Reopening Task Force 7/27/21

The Board, in conjunction with the Reopening Task Force, wants to share current thinking about reopening of our church for worship.

  • We are opening in September for celebrations of life and rites of passage. We will also be hosting some service projects around the building and trainings. More info to come.
  • The backyard is open for use; reservations can be made online. Bathrooms are available.
  • Our tentative target for opening our sanctuary for regular Sunday worship is currently November. The fall will begin with services via Zoom with live streaming on Facebook until we are ready to transition to what hopefully will be multiplatform services (including both in person and remote worship).

The Task Force and the Board are developing specific protocols to guide our being together once again in person, including masking being required indoors for all persons, regardless of vaccination status. The Task Force and our Facilities Manager (Robert Close) are working hard to prepare the building and have been studying and implementing best practices to keep building users as safe as possible in the face of COVID-19. In the meantime, staff and congregants are hard at work planning to maximize the use of outside space to bring people together.