Auction Committee

Auction Committee

Join the annual UU Treasures Abound Auction

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Our annual auction is moving to an online format for Spring ’21 due to COVID-19 and safety for all in our community. And there is a twist: a Murder Mystery component, with varying levels of participation based on your comfort level. A family friendly, creative opportunity will also be included. Details to follow in early March. It will be different from past auctions but will still be fun! The event is our main fundraiser and the Auction Planning committee is excited that the new format will allow even more members of the UUCL community to participate.

How to Participate:

  • Purchase auction tickets here ($5 per person, $10 per family)
  • Donate items here.
  • Bid on and purchase items*. Bidding begins 3/26/21. Preview begins in mid March.
  • Create a “Peeps Be Pirates” diorama, a family friendly competition where each $1 vote helps to fill the UUCL Treasure Chest! Learn how to create a diorama here. For more details on the competition, click here.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Become a Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Pewter Sponsor of the Treasure’s Abound Auction. Click here for sponsorship levels. Contact for more details.

Event Dates:

Kicks off on Friday March 26, 2021 and runs through April 5, 2021

Contact Person(s):

Jonas Kauffman ( or 717-575-9873) or Sharron Nelson (

Tickets and Donation Form:

What to Donate

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Items:

    • Plastic beach bucket filled with art supplies for kids such as coloring books, Sculpy, PlayDoh, markers, crayons, colored paper, etc.
    • Plastic bucket filled with gardening supplies — seeds, trowel, fertilizer, plant marker sticks
    • Entertainment bucket — popcorn, snacks, DVD movie, playing cards
    • Easy-care planter filled with succulents
    • Wine rack with a couple bottles of wine
    • Gift certificate for local bookstore
    • GrubHub gift card
    • Cocktail ingredients with 2 glasses
    • Bottle of champagne with 2 champagne flutes
    • Spa Night bucket — nail polish, nail polish remover, cotton pads, nail files, cuticle oil, etc. OR bubble bath, body oil, soap, face mask, scrubber, etc.
    • Olive oil selection
    • Card game selection — Regular playing cards, Uno, Phase 10, etc.
    • Game night basket (Family): games and snacks (or pizza gift certificate)
    • Game night basket (adult): games, snacks, adult beverages
    • Baking basket: cookie cutters, mixes, etc.
    • Cooking basket: Cook book, pot holders, shelf stable ingredients, cutting board
    • Coffee/Tea Time basket: Tea/Coffee/Cocoa, syrups, cookies, mugs
    • Yoga/Meditation: Yoga mat, app subscription, oils
    • Car care: Wax, ice scraper, car soap, buff
    • Pet Care: treats, brush, shampoo, toys
    • Smores: graham crackers, chocolate (maybe different types)
    • Strike it Rich: Different scratch off lotto tickets
    • Fondue Fun: Fondue pot, melting chocolates, non-perishable dippers (pretzels, Oreos, etc.)
    • Grilling: Accessories, rubs, marinades
    • Family Craft Night: Instructions (or maybe a Zoom) for a family craft w/ all of the supplies
    • Valentine’s Day Basket: Wine, chocolates, décor
    • Ice cream sundae: Candies, syrups…everything but the ice cream!
    • Cereal Lover: All the fun cereals that you don’t normally buy…think cocoa puffs!
    • Home fitness: App subscription, resistance bands, foam roller
    • Houseplants & care items
    • Diversions: Puzzles, coloring books, Rubik’s Cube
  • Services:

    • Singing
    • Language lessons
    • Instrument lessons
    • Sewing, knitting, or crocheting
    • Recording (oneself singing, making a podcast, making a movie, etc.)
    • Interior design
    • Fitness/yoga
    • Astrology/Tarot reading
    • Crafting
    • Cooking lesson
    • How to write poetry/essays/memoirs/short stories
    • Pet sitting/animal care
    • House cleaning
    • Therapeutic massage
    • Family or pet photo taken outside
    • Landscaping, grass mowing or yard work
    • Clean and wax a car
    • Mending
    • Tutoring
    • Origami lessons
    • Garden planning advice
  • Dinners/food:

    • Consider a donation that supports local businesses and our church by purchasing a gift card to local restaurants, breweries or stores
    • Delivery of homemade muffins or cookies or bars or bread once a month for 3-12 months
    • Delivery of pastries, decorated cake, or other items for a holiday, such as Easter, first day of spring, birthday
    • Homemade soup delivery (or two or three)
    • Happy hour for 2
    • Homemade jam or preserves
  • Deliver Dinners to People’s Homes:

    • Tea party
    • Garden party
    • Italian dinner
    • Salmon dinner
    • Hungarian dinner
    • Shrimp & Grits
    • Taste of India
    • Comfort food
    • Soul food
    • Pancake breakfast
  • Zoom Education:

    • Cooking classes or demonstrations
    • Cooking demonstration — Everyone that bought it could get a kit with the ingredients, then the demonstration would be online
    • Providing resume advice
    • Tips to make your Zoom meeting more exciting
    • Crafting lessons
    • Language lessons
    • How to play an instrument
    • Singing lessons
    • How to scrapbook
  • Entertainment:

    • Zoom charades party
    • Online game night
    • Musical events — concert in your front yard
    • SongGrams delivered to the recipient of your choice
    • Christmas caroling to your house or someone you care about
    • Storytelling via Zoom by an amateur or professional storyteller, either for kids or adults
    • Bourbon or wine tasting — Donor could deliver kits to all the people who bought it, then do the tasting online
  • Physically Distanced Excursions/outdoors:

    • Hikes or biking in an interesting area with a picnic afterward
    • Physically distanced campfire in someone’s backyard. They supply the yard and fire pit, purchaser brings the s’mores, ghost stories, and whatever else
    • Host an outdoor party for kids, physically distancing in a park for an afternoon
    • Visit to Longwood Gardens
  • Vacations/lodging:

    • Weekend or week away at your cabin/condo/home
    • Offer an Airbnb unit

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