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“The Roots of Resiliency Run Deep” Sunday, February 9 10:00AM

UU’s celebrate the power of the individual to adapt to adversity and overcome trauma. Yet resiliency is much more than “pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps.” Overcoming the hard limits of life depends on connection to many sources of power beyond the self. Bonds to loving people and support networks are well-recognized power sources. Ideas are vitally important too. How one conceives the essence of human existence impacts the spirit’s hardiness, and a relationship to mythic archetypal truth can help one rise from the ashes. Bradden Weaver will share what he has learned about resiliency from his students engaged in recovery from substance addiction. Bradden Weaver is an IU13 Community Education instructor working with teens and adults aeeking their High School Equivalency diploma. Brad’s work had taken him into classrooms at Career Link, Gate House for Men, Lancaster County Prison, and McCaskey High School.