A Message The Board of Trustees: Prioritized Goals For The Upcoming Year

A Message from your Board of Trustees

We want to share with you the goals that we as a board have prioritized for the
upcoming year. We recently held a board retreat where we discussed many of the
church’s opportunities and challenges in our post-pandemic world.

1. Update our safety policies and procedures with initial focus on safety during worship services and gatherings in the sanctuary.

2. Growing our membership in the following ways: being as inclusive as possible; encouraging greater family participation; and raising UUCL’s profile in the community.

3. Leadership development and volunteer recruitment to better sustain our programs.

We are now in the process of developing an action plan to accompany the goals. We
are looking to each team, committee, and task force of UUCL, really each and every
congregant, to review these goals and examine how they can contribute in some way to
their achievement. We are excited about the energy that Rev. Pat has brought to the
beginning of this new church year and are looking forward to working towards these
goals in partnership.

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