Affiliated Community Minister for UUCL -Elizabeth Haralam Shuba

Elizabeth is a lifelong member of UUCL, she was married here and both of her children were dedicated here. She is a recent graduate from Lancaster Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. She is a full-time Staff Chaplain at LGH whose area of focus is Critical Care.
In October the BOT elected Elizabeth Haralam Shuba as the Affiliated Community Minister for UUCL. This means she will work in collaboration with Rev. Patricia Haresch to officiate Rights of Passage like weddings and funerals for members of the community as well as UUCL. She will also periodically lead worship. Additionally, Elizabeth will be a representative of UUCL in the community while the congregation affirms and supports her ministry. This is the first step toward UUCL Ordaining Elizabeth after she is affirmed in Fellowship by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, the credentialing body of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

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