All Church Email July 9, 2020

Thursday Noon: All-Church Email (Please note the change)
Sunday 10:00AM: WorshipSunday
11:00 AM: Children’s Worship
Sunday 6PM: Red Rose Sangha
Dear UUCL Community,

We have returned to one All-Church Email on Thursdays. In this Thursday All-Church Email, please find the schedule of staff-led activities, followed by notes and announcements from this community.
Sunday Online Worship: July 12, 10:00 a.m.:
“Considering Compassion via Taize”. Kim Chappell, Worship Associate
This service is being presented by our Soul Matters group: Carol Campbell, Candy DeGreen, Sheila Audet, Linda Dobbins, Suzanne Sturm Dunkle, Ruth Eshleman, Carol LeCato, Sharron Nelson, Clydene Edmonds, and Kim Chappell. Kim Chappell is the Worship Leader. We are using the pattern of Taize, a meditative practice of music and readings introduced to UUCL by Rev. Barbara, to consider the topic of compassion.

There will not be a Time for All Ages during this service.

Link to join:
Or join by phone:(301)715-8592
Meeting ID: 966 2373 9683
Password: 71717

Children’s worship at UUCL: 11-11:45AM
Join Suz Boyle and other families for children’s worship featuring a story about justice-making! If you have come before…if this is your first time…welcome. Children (especially ages pre-K through 5th grade) with their caregivers and whole families are invited. We invite you to make a little space in your home for sacred time: getting a chalice ready (finding a candle, cup, Lego sculpture…), finding a stone for joys and sorrows, and getting a blanket, mat, or cloth to sit on.
(Note that we will have a more infrequent rotation of Children’s Worship this summer, so please watch the All-Church Email.)

Join by Zoom:

SUNDAY EVENING RED ROSE SANGHA: 6 P.M. See this weekly sitting link: See also this backpack project:

Every evening: 7 p.m.: We invite everyone to create a home chalice, and to light the chalice every evening, knowing that others from this congregation are doing the same.

Every Day: Reach out to at least one other person in this congregation.
May we continue to look for moments of gratitude. May we remember to take deep breaths, to laugh, and to send regular virtual hugs to all whom we love.

In faith
Rev Barbara, Lenore, Eli
Staff “Off” Time: As staff define vacation time in the coming weeks, we will post that information here in this ACE. As of this writing, all staff are scheduled to work the week of July 13.
Note from Rev. Barbara: Most of you know that there is transitioning going on in ministry here at UUCL….. I am beginning to connect with the UU congregation in Muncie, where I will next serve. Similarly, Rev. Israel is looking forward to moving here to Lancaster. We officially “pass the baton” August 15. Through mid-August, I have remaining vacation time for important rest and renewal before beginning a new ministry. From now through August 15 please note that I have designated several congregants and staff who are contacts for three areas of ministerial responsibility — worship, pastoral care, and staffing. If you have any questions about coverage or need assistance in any of these areas, please contact:- For Worship: Heather Gehron-Rice,, 717-380-5945- For Staffing: Bev Geib,, 717-393-1733- For Pastoral Care: Steve Jones,, 717-898-7768; Garry LeFevre,, 717-283-8127 (calling preferred); Elizabeth Haralam Shuba, Note: these ministers who are also members of this congregation are available to triage pastoral concerns to appropriate parties: they are not available for hands-on pastoral visits.
Know that this congregation is in good hands through the summer and the arrival of your next minister.

General Assembly 2020: Thank you to all who represented UUCL at the General Assembly 2020 two weeks ago. Ask around at virtual coffee hour to hear from your delegates about their experiences. If you would like to see some highlights from the public events, please see for links.

Summer Congregational Activities: As we are in a summer schedule at UUCL, let us return to more intentional maintaining of an all-church calendar, accessible on the UUCL website. For now, please send Quin Martin, at, a note about any congregational activities: not for purposes of reserving space in the building, instead for helping one another know of activities and events to join in on. This includes Soul Matters groups, book groups, work-out sessions, and more. Get creative: start a new activity which others can join in on! Join together in reminding members, friends, and visitors that, while the UUCL building is closed, the community remains open and active, the calendar is busy. Updates on calendaring will follow in subsequent ACE.

The all church calendar is now live. Please consider following this link [CLICK HERE] to schedule all virtual events. This form is similar to the space reservation form, but has been customized for virtual meetings. If you have any questions please email me at I am available 9-2 Monday- Friday.
-Quin Martin

Children’s Faith Development:

This week, we invite you to join children’s worship: 11AM on Sunday (see the section at the top of this email for details).

This summer, I hope to see many of your families at some point. Each Sunday will be different: many services will have a Time for All Ages and will particularly invite children to join for the first 15 minutes of the service; and we will have children’s worship approximately every other week, with some other events as announced. Please watch this All-Church Email – especially the Sunday worship section above – for details.

UU Summer Camp! At a time when so many summer plans are cancelled, I am excited to announce that UUCL’s children and youth have an opportunity to connect with other UUs of their age in an online, weekly summer camp, all expenses covered. This is made possible by the online collaboration of several congregations.

Summer Socials: For grades 6-8, focusing on social connections, poetry, justice, music, games and more! Alternate Fridays, 3pm-4pm. July 10th, July 24th, August 7th, August 21st.

Summer Power Hours: For grades K-5, focusing on stories, games, crafts, scavenger hunts, movement, and more! Mondays and Wednesdays, 11am-12pm from July 6th-August 31st.

Contact AND Lenore ( to register TODAY! Registration is free.

At-Home Nature Noticings:
We invite you to choose one of these activities with your kids this week!

This is the last week in our series of at-home nature-grounded faith development practices for the whole family. Check out previous All-Church Emails for others. Have you been using these? Snap a photo and send it to us! Thank you to Amanda Maher, Faith Development Assistant, for putting together this series.

Adult Faith Development:

On July 19th, author, community organizer, and speaker Jodie Geddes will join us for a worship service on answering the call to make reparations for the damaging legacies of slavery and systemic racism. Jodie has been at the center of national organizing for a truth-telling process to address violence against African-Americans, and is co-author of The Little Book of Racial Healing. The book draws on her experience as a Restorative Justice practitioner and on the work of Coming to the Table, a national organization bringing together descendents of people who were enslaved and people who have enslaved, as well as others, to acknowledge and heal wounds from racism. I can personally highly recommend it for all who seek to understand and heal from the past by making real, meaningful changes in the present.

To take advantage of this opportunity to connect with Jodie, we will be reading The Little Book of Racial Healing: Coming to the Table for Truth-Telling, Liberation, and Transformation together and discussing it at a date in early August. The book costs $5 and is available on many platforms. You can order it through this link: Stay tuned in the ACE for a date (post-July 19th service) for discussing the book on Zoom. I hope many of us will take this opportunity! Please contact Lenore ( if you would like help purchasing a copy.

Your weekly spiritual noticings reading:
From Braver/Wiser, a UUA blog that offers a weekly short reflection and a prayer:

• “Testimony and Truth.”
May we as a nation stop turning from the truth of who we’ve been and who we are. May we find the courage to step into the horror and grief that will arise from that knowledge. And may we allow it to turn us toward repentance, reparations, and a collective demand for justice.

From Your Board of Trustees

At the June Board meeting, the following resolution was passed: “The church building will be closed to all programs and services at least through the end of February 2021, unless a program/service receives a Board-approved exception which is contingent upon having a suitable safety plan.”

In addition, officers for 2020 were elected. They are:
President Carole Campbell
Vice President: Darcy Pollock
Secretary: Fred Foster-Clark
Treasurer: Jonas Kauffman

Church Life & Announcements

Leaders’ Circle Meeting Minutes have now been posted for the meeting held in June 2020. Please read these to stay informed with the activities of your church.
Click here to read on website

Public Witness
Back by popular demand! Mark your calendars! A Racial Justice and Healing public witness action will take place before UUCL on Friday, July 24 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. A more detailed announcement and Sign Up Genius link will be placed in the next two weeks’ ACE (July 16 & 23). This time around, we will inform our Chestnut Street neighborhood well before the July 24th action via leaflets and social media. Our neighbors will also be invited to join us. If you have any questions: please contact Bradden Weaver at:

Let’s Read White Fragility Together
Inspired by UUA GA and recent events, some of the attendees of the General Assembly, plan to read or have already read, White Fragility as a way of doing something concrete to combat systemic racism.We ask that you watch this YouTube clip by the author before making a decision about reading White Fragility. CLICK HERE!
If you are interested in participating, email Evanna Morris at and put White Fragility in the subject line. In the meantime, purchase the book or Kindle version and we will be in touch.

How to Contribute to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund
This is a difficult time for all of us. So that we can help members who are affected financially, we are inviting those who are able to contribute to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. A donation can be made on line by going to the church web site, and clicking the Contact Us drop down menu, then Donate. Again click the Donate button and you will be taken to our on line donation page. Complete the requested information, making sure you indicate your donation is for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. If you prefer, you can send a check, indicating “MDF” on the memo line. Thank you in advance for your support.

How to Be An Antiracist
2019 Guggenheim Fellow and New York Times bestselling author Ibram X. Kendi will discuss his renowned book “How to Be an Antiracist” on Monday, July 20 at 7:00 p.m. with Dr. Charlene M. Dukes, president of Prince George’s Community College… The conversation will be streamed live online…”

Stay Connected with Realm!
We are in the process of building our on-line directory, and your input is vital! All members for whom we have an email address in the church data base have received an invitation to create a log in. Simply stated, it is a way to stay connected to other members of UUCL, keep your own information up to date, and keep track of your own pledge and contributions. Several volunteers are in the process of calling members to verify the information we currently have, as well as give a short introduction to Realm. It can be accessed on a computer or through the mobile app, RealmConnect. Please don’t hesitate to contact
Bev Geib if you have any questions about the program

Groceries for Reem
Groceries for Reem Update We have a team of volunteers from UUCL taking turns food shopping for Reem in July. We need more people to buy Halal (Kosher) meats at Tabarek in Lancaster once in July. To volunteer contact: Naomi for further instructions including how to be reimbursed for the food. A big THANK YOU to our UUCL Grocery Team: Marianne Smith, Gina Hart, Brad Weaver, Holly Williams and Diane Toigo

Nature is Compassion
Mother Nature has the whole world in Her hands and Her compassion is for our benefit. Compassion looks to healing as the true mode for survival. The natural processes of chemistry, biology and physics combined with earth’s raw materials become the engine and energy that becomes natural selection. All life strives to survive and thrive by caption to their environment so their DNA is insured. Mother Nature rewards those who respect this power that the only way to win is to adapt. We are victims of our actions, so if we aim to reopen communities, it demands coordination based in the science and logic of Mother that has worked for 4.5 billion years! Her power of compassion is deep and wide as we open to the way forward with the laws of Nature. Compassion through Nature is empowering. –submitted by David Dobbins

Artful Living has News: Three New Chalices for meeting/classroom space
When we return to our beloved church you will find three new small chalices purchased by the Artful Living committee. The chalices will be place in Emerson, Room 201 and one other classroom. The artist is a potter who is a member of the San Juan Island Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Friday Harbor, Washington. Below are pictures of the new chalices. To purchase a chalice for your home, see her website below.

Share The Plate: The Lancaster County Food Hub
Rooted in Faith & Compassion, The Lancaster County Food Hub (“the Hub”) provides services that honor the dignity of all by striving to meet basic human needs.

1. Serving Anyone in Need
The Hub believes that everyone has the right to have their basic needs met.
2. Dignity of the Individual
The Hub believes in the dignity of all individuals.
3. Inclusive Faith
Motivated by faith, the Hub welcomes all in our community to join us as we provide for those in need.