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Announcement: A New Minister is Under Contract

Reverend Pat Haresch has accepted a contract at UUCL

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the Ministerial Search Team, I am pleased to announce that we have unanimously and enthusiastically voted to offer a contract for ministry to the Reverend Pat Haresch, and she has now agreed to the contract. Her ministry will begin August 16, 2022, and the contract is anticipated to run for two years but it is annually renewable upon the mutual agreement of both parties. Like our ongoing church life, Reverend Pat’s will work both in person and remotely as she and her family currently live two hours away.


Let me provide a brief biography:

The Reverend Pat(ricia) Guthmann Haresch is a lifelong UU who earned her B.A. in Theology from Carleton College in Minnesota and her MDiv from Andover Newton Theological School outside of Boston. She served as settled minister from 2006-2013 at the UU Congregation of the Outer Banks and as a Developmental Minister at the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa from 2018-2021. She served three other congregations in more limited capacity and has lived abroad in the Philippines, where she volunteered and provided consulting with UUs there, and Colombia between her ministries (her partner works for the State Department).

Her warmth, positivity, work ethic, and her broad competence and experience with all aspects of ministry earned her the unanimous support of the Search Team and then the Board.
She and her family currently live outside of Washington, D.C., and she has committed to being with us in Lancaster on Sundays and perhaps some extended weekends or other important occasions and working remotely otherwise.
On behalf of all in the congregation, I want to thank my colleagues on the Search Team – Darcy Pollock, Randy Newswanger and Steph Santiago – for their diligence and hard work over these last several weeks and the Board for their patience and careful review of the candidate and the ministerial agreement. As the time for Reverend Pat’s arrival draws closer, plans for welcoming and getting-to-know-you activities will be made known. In the meantime, questions or concerns can be directed to Darcy or myself. Ministerial concerns should continue to be directed to Reverend Israel until August 15, 2022.
Yours in faith,
Fred Foster-Clark
UUCL Board President
Rev. Pat Haresch may now be reached using the email, Slack or by leaving a voice message on the UUCL office phone.

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