Board Reflections, Governance

Board Reflections: March

Submitted by Leslie Laird

March – the month of changes – has just arrived. All around me, things are shifting. The
weather is turning warmer. Daylight Savings Time is ending. My neighbors and I will soon be
outside cleaning up gardens and planting grass seed. So too is our church life in a state of flux,
in a good way. We have returned to in-person services for those so inclined, where I see new
faces every week. The yearly auction is soon upon us. Soul Matters groups are meeting and
sharing. All around me I hear ideas for new and exciting events and engagement. Perhaps our
biggest change is the steady hand and heart of our minister Reverend Pat. I choose to embrace
change, and I hope you do too. As Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be
perfect is to change often.”

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