Board Reflections: The Doulas of Life, Justice and Spirit

In any spring, and perhaps especially in this year’s earlier-than-usual spring, we celebrate rebirth. Plant life emerges, seemingly overnight. Birds nest, ready to lay eggs once again. Daylight lengthens.

Anyone observing the birth process, whether for humans or animals, recognizes that it also entails pain and effort. Institutional birth–and rebirth—has the same accompaniments. Nationally, we are appalled as we face the need for the rebirth of decades-long-accepted freedoms: most particularly, racial equality under the law and women’s reproductive autonomy.

At UUCL we are in our own rebirth process, thankfully less drastic than the national upheavals. We are still emerging from the physical restraints of the COVID years. Not all congregants feel comfortable returning to in-person worship. We have lost members and the financial support that they provided. We need young families. The Board is grappling with issues of building safety and personal security. Thankfully, we have the guidance of an experienced minister, Rev. Pat, to shepherd us through the rebirth process. Perhaps we could call her our doula!


Submitted by Kim Chappell

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