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COVID Policy Update

At its 9-7-22 meeting, the UUCL COVID Task Force approved the following procedures for Ingathering on September 11th, 2022:

  • Reservations are NOT required for the 9/11 service.
  • Masks ARE required for the service. N95 or K94 masks are encouraged. (Masks are available in the lobby).
  • Vaccinations are strongly encouraged for all who are eligible.
  • A total of 70 people will be welcomed into the sanctuary and Women’s Memorial Room, where they will be seated in pods with physical distancing. After this number is reached, attendees will be directed to Founders Hall for live streaming.
  • Zoom is available for those who wish to participate in the service from home.
  • If you feel sick or have any symptoms, please stay home and join us on Zoom.



At its 3-22-22 meeting, the UUCL Board of Trustees approved the following procedures for in-person services and meetings:

  • UUCL strongly encourages those who are eligible to be vaccinated to have done so when attending Sunday in-person services.
  • Masks (N-95 or KN94 quality) are required to be worn in the church building.
  • Seating shall be limited to 50 in the sanctuary, 20 in Emerson Hall, and 25 in Founders Hall. Congregant reservations for seating must be made through the office prior to a Sunday service.
  • Services will be streamed to Emerson and Founders.
  • Hybrid services will continue for the foreseeable future.
  • The choir will sing with masks.
  • Upon Rev. Israel’s decision, speaker and soloists may be permitted to remove masks.
  • Lenore Bajare-Dukes, Director of Faith Development, will determine where children’s services will be held and with what restrictions.
  • Socializing and any coffee hour will take place only outdoors.
  • Committees and small group meetings will be allowed to meet in the building, pending approval from the Operations Committee. The groups will use current mitigation measures (masking, pre-meeting calendaring and reservations via the office, and maximum attendance—20 in Emerson, 25 in Founders, and 10 in the new community room—as well as no food).


Building Opening Update. April 28th, 2022

The Board of Trustees in its meeting this week agreed to amend its COVID policy regarding memorial services. As long as masking and other mitigation policies previously set are maintained, the attendance limits for memorial services have been suspended. (Regular Sunday services in the sanctuary will continue to be limited as previously announced, at least for the services through the end of May.) Hospitality after memorial services will continue to be limited to out-of-doors or offsite. The Board, with guidance from the Operations Committee, has also agreed to allow use of other spaces in the church by groups inside and outside the church, subject to the same mitigation guidelines used for Sunday services and limitations on group size. Please use the regular online event scheduling request forms if interested in scheduling an in-person meeting or event or contact the church office (office@uuclonline.org). Also, note that use of Emerson Hall may be limited – all upholstered furniture has been removed due to mold/mildew mitigation and general disrepair. Changes to the flooring and furnishing of Emerson are still under consideration.

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