December Worship Theme & Share the Plate

The worship theme for the month of December is: Awe

Our “Share the Plate” recipient for the month of December is: Lancaster Power Packs

The Mission:

We empower families with education and ingredients to create nutritious weekend meals, so their children return to school fed and ready to learn.

Power Packs Project recognizes the vital role that nutrition plays in children’s ability to learn in school. According to the Center on Hunger and Poverty “hungry children have a hard time learning in school, have short attention spans, and suffer more absence due to illness.” Power Packs Project does not solve this problem with highly processed, highly sugared, and expensive pre-packaged foods. Instead, each week a recipe for a low-cost meal and the ingredients to make it are provided in addition to staples like peanut butter and cereal. Empowering the participating families to better use their food dollars and assure their children are well-fed and ready to learn at school are the goals of the program.

We are in 45 schools in 13 school districts in Lancaster and 3 school districts in Lebanon. We have over 500 volunteers and serve over 1600 families

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