Leslie Laird – Board of Trustees 2022-23

I am originally from Long Island, New York, I moved to the Lancaster area right after
graduating from college. I expect Lancaster to be my home for the rest of life considering my
daughter, son-in-law, and their two sons live here. Ah grandchildren!
I began attending UUCL about eleven years ago during a time of personal tragedy. I
searched for and, thankfully, found a “home,” joining the church shortly afterward. UUCL was
the best choice for my eclectic background. I was raised Jewish and, after a career change,
taught English at Lancaster Catholic High School and HACC. UUCL has enabled me to
synthesize all of my beliefs and interest in world religions.
In the past, I served on the Green Sanctuary Committee. Currently I’m on the Board of
Trustees, the Membership Team, and the Auction Committee. More than anything, I appreciate
the wonderful friendships I have made here.

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