Dear UUCL Community,

As we continue to connect together as an online religious community, in this All Church Email we want to identify upcoming events and programs which we, the staff, have planned for you over the course of the coming week. With this email we are instituting what we anticipate is the predictable schedule of All Church Email, to be sent on Tuesdays and Fridays at noon. We continue to urge your own self-organizing of events, which we are happy to include in future All Church Emails.

Our schedule of Zoom connections this week:

Mid-Week Check-In: Wednesday April 1: 7 p.m. Online Gathering for Personal Check-In, via Zoom: led by Rev. Barbara with Lenore. Click the link in the All-Church Email to join.
Come together Wednesday evening in “unprogrammed” time, devoted to community conversation to share personal joys and concerns, and to inform staff of any UUCL pastoral concerns. If the group is large, we will use the “Breakout Rooms” feature of Zoom for smaller conversation groups. If you are not sure what this is about, join the Zoom group and we will guide you through the breakout process. There is no time limit on this call. We also ask your patience, as we staff are learning the ropes about Zoom technology.

National UU “Side With Love & Love Resists” justice webinar: Thursday April 2, 6:30PM: Side With Love will create opportunities to share examples of dignity and interconnectedness, rest in our collective wisdom, sing and reflect together as we brace for the new realities that are unfolding. Join Us in organizing for justice during the pandemic.
Register here:

Friday Morning Dance Break! Friday April 3, 10AM, for 20 minutes, all ages welcome. Hop onto Zoom and get your wiggles out! Lenore will host with a playlist for joyful movement. &
Parents & caregivers social hour: Friday, 10:30-11AM (right after the dance break), join other parents and other adult caregivers in a social half-hour. Discussion topic: what ‘wiggles’ are you getting out right now with the children in your life? What are you noticing in your family? Headphones suggested for confidentiality.
Click the link in the All-Church Email to join.

Online Worship: Sunday Morning, April 5: 10:00-10:45 a.m.: led by Rev. Barbara, Lenore Bajare-Dukes, and Eli Sauls.
Our Sunday morning time together will be more “programmed” than the Wednesday evening meeting. We staff are expanding our toolkit for online worship. This reflection time will be available to you on Zoom video as well as phoning in options. Click the link in the All-Church Email to join.
Or, dial by phone: (312) 626 6799, enter Meeting ID: 806 300 513#

Children’s Worship: Sunday Morning, April 5: 11-11:45AM: A space for children (especially ages pre-K through 5th grade) and their caregivers to do our familiar rituals and share stories, emphasizing fun and sharing! We ask you to make a little space in your home for sacred time: getting a chalice ready (finding a candle, cup, Lego scupture…), finding a stone for our joys and sorrows, and getting a blanket or cloth to sit on. Join by clicking the link in the All-Church Email (or contact Lenore).

Every evening: 7 p.m.: We invite everyone to create a home chalice, and to light the chalice every evening, knowing that others from this congregation are doing the same. Please see the attachment for seven Chalice Lighting readings for the coming week, starting Sunday. ( Click Here to Download)

Every Day:
• Reach out to at least one other person in this congregation.
• Go or look outside and notice nature
May we have faith in resilience and continue to look for moments of gratitude, May we remember to take deep breaths, to laugh, and to send regular virtual hugs to all whom we love.

In faith,
Rev Barbara, Lenore, Eli