Restore Fairness to Pennsylvania’s Public Education Funding System

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Do these four things to help restore fairness to Pennsylvania’s Public Education Funding System:

1. Support the Pennsylvania State 2021-22 Education Budget, which creates fairness in education public school funding while cutting taxes for working families and businesses. Contact your PA Senator and Representative and write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (sample text here).

2. Ask your PA Representative to co-sponsor two bills: HB 272 which would fix PA’s charter school law and rein in funding that is siphoned off local school district budgets and HB 1167, the “Level UP” legislation which seeks and additional $100 million for 100 PA schools districts most in need impacting 32% of all PA students.

3. Support the Fund Our Schools PA by attending your local school board meeting and contacting local organizations to ask them to endorse the Fair Funding Resolution (FFR). Link to background information here and a sample script here.

4. Listen to Toward Racial Justice (WITF) Inequities in Pennsylvania’s Education Funding System.