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Announcement: In-Person Gatherings

We now believe that the time has come to begin offering and giving our blessing to some outdoor, small-group in-person programming, though we acknowledge that precautions are still necessary.

We invite small groups and committees of UUCL to begin meeting with each other outdoors if they can agree to abide by our Behavioral Covenant. The covenant we are asking folks to abide by is centered in the values of safety, inclusion, and our UU principles. 

The basics of the covenant are that we are asking that groups meet outdoors (or distanced indoors) and the default position should be that everyone wear a mask unless the group is able to engage in an open conversation and agree that everyone is comfortable unmasking. 

This process will require a bit of conversation and work, but it is essential to maintain an environment that is welcoming for everyone. 

Please see the full details of our new behavioral covenant for in person gatherings here. 

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