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Share The Plate: May

Our featured organization for May is Advoz, an organization in Lancaster, PA which offers mediation and restorative practice. Their mission is to transform conflict and build community through face-to-face dialogue programs.

“Conflict and crime are inevitable in our community. But they can also be opportunities for positive change. Advoz uses different dialogue methods in our community ecosystem, both downstream when harm occurs (restorative justice), mid-stream when it’s occurring (mediation) and upstream to prevent conflicts from getting worse (training). Through time-tested dialogue methods, Advoz equips our community to constructively handle conflicts, violence and crime. With more than 30 years of experience serving now approximately 900 youth and adults, businesses and organizations each year, Advoz enhances communication, accountability and mindfulness, empowering parties in a conflict or crime, even offenders and victims, to mend broken relationships, find resolution, and build stronger, safer communities.” –

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Thank you from Advoz - Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster

July 1, 2021

[…] Share The Plate: May […]