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Updated COVID-19 Policy September 12th, 2022

UUCL COVID-19 Policy revised 9/12/2022
Goal: To create safe places for all congregants while balancing needs for social interaction.
1. Up to date vaccinations are encouraged for anyone who is eligible.
2. Well-fitted masks are required in the building for everyone ages 2 & up in large group
settings (Sunday services, Town Hall meetings, Congregational Meetings).
3. Small groups and committees of 10 or less can covenant to wear or not wear masks.
4. Reservations are no longer required for Sunday services.
5. Seating in the sanctuary will increase to 100 people wearing masks and still maintaining
social distancing.
6. Streaming of Sunday services may be made available in Founders and/or Emerson
7. Services will continue to be made available on Zoom.
8. Worship leaders may remove their masks when on the chancel.
9. Music Director and choir can make the decision to remove masks if up on the chancel.
10. When coffee hour and socializing is held outside, masks are not required. When coffee
hour and socializing is held inside in small groups of 10 or less, masks are optional and
parental choice.
11. Masks are recommended, but not required by the church, for special events inside the
building and not in the sanctuary. The event host may set a mask requirement policy for
their event if they wish.
12. Anyone who feels sick or has symptoms of Covid is asked to stay home and watch
services on Zoom.
13. This policy will be reviewed in 6 months or if an increase in local Covid cases make a
policy review necessary.

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