The 2023 Block Party and Mural Dedication

The 2023 Block Party and Mural Dedication was organized by Sindy M. Pollard and Stephanie Santiago. Both had ideas for an event and decided to combine the two into one. The thought was that on our 115th anniversary of the the church at it’s current location, we would celebrate our art installation, created by Geri McCritty of PAVAA Gallery, as well as the neighborhood that has held us for all of these 115 years.

It was important to us to use local vendors and services. So we hired lifetime resident and business owner Chelsea Franciscus to orchestrate our food services. We had food from nearby eateries; Pizza and sandwiches from Slugger’s Pizza, Ice Cream from Splits & Giggles, Sandwiches, pickles and chips from Isaac’s Restaurant and cake from Dolce Vita Restaurant. We hired UUCL born band, “The Twenties Band” and featured music from many local musicians including Diane Toigo and “It Smelled Like Fire”

Many Thanks to our volunteers and organizers for helping us have a successful block party and mural dedication. Debbie Hutchinson, Susan Dyson, Marian Joyce, François Viens, Marianne Smith, George Herr-Riser, Dave Dussinger, Alan Jacobs, Marco Salinas, Susan Kabrhel, Anita Coryell, Suz Boyle, Michelle Salinas, Elsa Maust, Robert Maus, Lillian Pacheco and many others we may have not named, who just pitched in and helped to get the job done.

The event was attended by the City Arts Representative Molly Kurtzman and Representative Ismail Smith Wade El.

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