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UUCL Operations Committee

Our Operations Committee has been reconstituted this fall. This committee will assume the responsibilities that used to be shared with the former Facilities Committee which has now disbanded. The purpose of this Committee is to manage and coordinate UUCL’s support network of facilities, communications, technology, and other office administrative functions to effectively collaborate for seamless ministry support. The committee will act as a sounding board to support day-to-day administrative/operational work, thereby lessening the Board’s responsibility for day-to-day operational decisions.

Think of the committee as the group who takes care of all the mundane day-to-day things that keep the church running.

The Operations Team consists of two (2) members appointed by the Board, the Minister or their designee, Facilities Director and a Board Member. Current members are George Kerekgyarto, David Dussinger, Rev. Israel (and/or his occasional designee,) Robert Close (as staff), and Alan Jacobs (the Board member).

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Robert Close, who has navigated our building through these years of Covid, and made sure that things are looked after and nurtured, and don’t fall in to disrepair from lack of use. And also a special shout out to Gina Hart, who has put in countless hours and her whole heart!

The Operations Team will meet monthly. Feel free to supply us feedback at

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