Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) assists and advises the Board of Trustees on budgetary and financial matters. It is charged with preparation of the annual church operating budget. In budgeting, a key objective is to reach out to each constituency for its input, particularly as it relates to ministry and programming for the coming year. FAC solicits committees and staff for budget requests in preparing their draft of the church budget during the early months of the calendar year. Drafts are presented by FAC to the Board of Trustees in March and April before final Board approval and then presentation to the congregation at the spring Congregational Meeting when the membership finally adopts a budget (for the fiscal year beginning July 1). The FAC also monitors the church’s financial situation throughout the year, and alerts the BOT to challenges and opportunities.
The church is ably served by FAC members John Snyder (Chair) and Evelyn Pendleton and its Board liaison, Jonas Kauffman. It has one unfilled committee seat – contact John or Jonas if interested.

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