Alert: Email Phishing Scams

Congregants have been receiving emails claiming to be from Rev. Pat asking for favors, money, or gift cards. This is a very common form of internet fraud.
Rev. Pat’s account and the other church related emails are safe and have not been hacked. This is a practice called “spoofing” when someone uses a fraudulent email and covers it with a legitimate one. It can look very convincing. Rev. Pat will only ever email from
If you receive any requests from Rev. Pat asking for money or other forms of financial assistance, whether by email, text message, or other electronic means, know that it is fraudulent. Please ignore it, and do not send any money, gift cards, etc.
Under no circumstance would Re. Pat ever request this form of assistance from any of you outside of our annual stewardship drive.
Feel free to contact us with any questions at

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