All Church Email June, 26 2020

Dear UUCL Community,

In this Fridays All-Church Email, please find the schedule of staff-led activities. We continue to be in tough days. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for pastoral care: Rev. Barbara is available at; Lenore Bajare-Dukes at

Sunday Online Worship: June 28, 10:00 a.m.: Sunday Morning Worship at UUA General Assembly
This Sunday there will be no UUCL Zoom service. We encourage EVERYONE to be part of the largest gatherings of UUs every in the history of the world, and click in to watch the 10am service here:

After the service, UUCL will have our own Zoom coffee hour at 11:30. Log in here: Topic: COFFEE HOUR AFTER GENERAL ASSEMBLY
Join Zoom Meeting (Germantown)
Meeting ID:966 2373 9683
Password: 71717
Find your local number:

This powerful communal worship experience will stream on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. EDT and again at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Members of the public are welcome to view the service. Each year a talented group of choral singers perform at the Sunday Morning Worship. The worship service will include an offering for the Tomaquag Museum, an indigenous museum featuring an extensive collection and archive of Southern New England tribal communities.

Rev. Joan Javier-Duval is worship leader and will deliver the sermon. She serves as Minister of the Unitarian Church of Montpelier, VT. She is the daughter of immigrants from the Philippines, mother of a kindergartener, and spouse of a proud Vermonter. Beauty, gratitude, and love are at the heart of her faithful striving for collective liberation and a thriving planet.See for more information.

SUNDAY EVENING RED ROSE SANGHA: 6 P.M.See this weekly sitting link: See also this backpack project:

Every evening: 7 p.m.: We invite everyone to create a home chalice, and to light the chalice every evening, knowing that others from this congregation are doing the same.

Every Day: Reach out to at least one other person in this congregation.
May we continue to look for moments of gratitude. May we remember to take deep breaths, to laugh, and to send regular virtual hugs to all whom we love.

In faith
Rev Barbara, Lenore, Eli

Notes from Rev. Barbara:THIS IS GENERAL ASSEMBLY WEEK: Nearly a dozen folks from UUCL will attend online GA, starting this Wednesday. Stay tuned in this All Church Email for reports about their experiences at this important international gathering of Unitarian Universalists.

TO EVEYONE, the following GA events are open TO ALL, Registration Not Required:

General Sessions
Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Co-Moderators Mr. Barb Greve and Elandria Williams preside over the general sessions in which the business of the Association is conducted.
Service of the Living Tradition
Led by the Ministries and Faith Development Staff Group, this service honors fellowshipped and credentialed religious leaders; remembering those who have died, recognizing those who have completed active service, and welcoming those who have received fellowship or credentialed status in the past year. The service includes a collection to benefit the Living Tradition Fund. Members of the public are welcome.

Synergy Bridging Worship
This is a transformative multigenerational worship. Come be inspired and illuminated at a celebration of treasured worship elements, rites of passage and brilliant contemporary musical performances.

Sunday Morning Worship
Join us for the largest annual gathering of UUs joining in worship. See earlier in this ACE for login information.

Change in All Church Email Schedule: Starting the week of June 29, we will return to ONE All Church Email, to be delivered on Thursday, noon. Any notes, articles, etc from the congregation are due to Quin Martin, administrative assistant, no later than Monday, 9 a.m. before the Thursday of publication.
The all church calendar is now live. Please consider following this link [CLICK HERE] to schedule all virtual events. This form is similar to the space reservation form, but has been customized for virtual meetings. If you have any questions please email me at I am available 9-2 Monday- Friday.-Quin Martin
Children’s Faith Development:The children and youth faith development section will resume next week. Please see worship information for joining GA worship this Sunday
Adult Faith Development:
Film series & educational opportunity:
Side With Love, our UUA’s national justice organization, is offering a fantastic political education series you can join from your device! The 4-part series “Unfinished Business” speaks directly to the history we need to understand the present pivotal protest moment. 
4 Wednesdays: June 10, June 17, July 1 and July 8, film watching at 7PM, discussion at 8. Catch up by watching Part I here, then register for the rest of this 4-part online series, based on the documentary “Reconstruction: America After the Civil War” narrated by Henry Louis Gates Jr. Bring a friend from UUCL!
Register online now. 
Your weekly spiritual noticings reading:From Braver/Wiser, a UUA blog that offers a weekly short reflection and a prayer:
• Claiming Our Names Happy Pride. It feels strange to say that; this moment is anything but happy because of an assault in this country on Black and brown bodies that has never really ended.
Your weekly invitation to spiritual practice: 
Feed your spirit with the beautiful choral arrangement of “We Shall Be Known” for UU The Vote: featured half-way down the page here.
Church Life & Announcements
From the Financial Manager
We are almost at the end of our fiscal year, a year in which we have had to learn new ways to “do church”. Thank you all for your continued support, from a distance. If you are planning to make a fiscal year-end donation, it must either be received by or postmarked no later than June 30. If you have questions about your pledge status, you can check that online, through Realm, or leave me a message at ext. 206. Stay safe and well!

Protest Posters
Looking for a way to be involved with the protests? We will be creating posters for the protestors. They will be picked up and delivered to the protestors in downtown Lancaster. Join in this spiritual & educational activity to directly support the protests and honor those killed by police. 
If you are interested, please contact Stephanie @ for more information.

How to Contribute to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund
This is a difficult time for all of us. So that we can help members who are affected financially, we are inviting those who are able to contribute to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. A donation can be made on line by going to the church web site, and clicking the Contact Us drop down menu, then Donate. Again click the Donate button and you will be taken to our on line donation page. Complete the requested information, making sure you indicate your donation is for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. If you prefer, you can send a check, indicating “MDF” on the memo line. Thank you in advance for your support. 

Summer Solstice
On the Wheel of the Year June 20, Litha is the name of the longest day of the year or Midsummer. Summer Solstice celebrates the verdant Earth in full bloom, abundance, fertility, virility and the beauty and bounty of Nature. Litha lies directly across from Yule or Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. Earth Spirituality celebrates Summer Solstice as the peak power of light, sun and heat of the year. Light and heat signifies growth and expansion, so joyous rituals are traditional and invites us to commune & feast with the Spirits of Nature. This season is diverse and rich, the fulfillment of the seeds that were planted in the spring. Life becomes easy as we await the fall harvest. Humanity has been celebrating the triumph of the light since ancient times. Steamy Midsummer marks the beginning of the Sun’s dying strength as it slides into the nurturing darkness. 

Stay Connected with Realm!
We are in the process of building our on-line directory, and your input is vital! All members for whom we have an email address in the church data base have received an invitation to create a log in. Simply stated, it is a way to stay connected to other members of UUCL, keep your own information up to date, and keep track of your own pledge and contributions. Several volunteers are in the process of calling members to verify the information we currently have, as well as give a short introduction to Realm. It can be accessed on a computer or through the mobile app, RealmConnect. Please don’t hesitate to contactBev Geib if you have any questions about the program

Groceries for Reem
Groceries for Reem Update We have a team of volunteers from UUCL taking turns food shopping for Reem in July. We need more people to buy Halal (Kosher) meats at Tabarek in Lancaster once in July. To volunteer contact: Naomi for further instructions including how to be reimbursed for the food. A big THANK YOU to our UUCL Grocery Team: Marianne Smith, Gina Hart, Brad Weaver, Holly Williams and Diane Toigo

Nature is Compassion
Mother Nature has the whole world in Her hands and Her compassion is for our benefit. Compassion looks to healing as the true mode for survival. The natural processes of chemistry, biology and physics combined with earth’s raw materials become the engine and energy that becomes natural selection. All life strives to survive and thrive by caption to their environment so their DNA is insured. Mother Nature rewards those who respect this power that the only way to win is to adapt. We are victims of our actions, so if we aim to reopen communities, it demands coordination based in the science and logic of Mother that has worked for 4.5 billion years! Her power of compassion is deep and wide as we open to the way forward with the laws of Nature. Compassion through Nature is empowering. –submitted by David Dobbins
Artful Living has News: Three New Chalices for meeting/classroom space When we return to our beloved church you will find three new small chalices purchased by the Artful Living committee. The chalices will be place in Emerson, Room 201 and one other classroom. The artist is a potter who is a member of the San Juan Island Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Friday Harbor, Washington. Below are pictures of the new chalices. To purchase a chalice for your home, see her website below. 

Share The Plate: The Lancaster County Food HubMission:Rooted in Faith & Compassion, The Lancaster County Food Hub (“the Hub”) provides services that honor the dignity of all by striving to meet basic human needs. Vision:1. Serving Anyone in NeedThe Hub believes that everyone has the right to have their basic needs met.2. Dignity of the IndividualThe Hub believes in the dignity of all individuals.3. Inclusive FaithMotivated by faith, the Hub welcomes all in our community to join us as we provide for those in need.
Please submit all ACE announcements to by AM9 Monday.

Support for Using ZoomWatch this video from our UUA Central East Region for a tutorial on logging in and joining a meeting online (Zoom). If you need a tutorial or some practice, we’re here to help! Please email Lenore Bajare-Dukes ( and Amanda Maher ( to set up a time with a UUCL volunteer or staff member.