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All Church Email May 15, 2020

Friday & Tuesday Noon: All-Church Email
Sunday 9:30AM: “Meditation for the Movement”
Sunday 9:45AM: Gathering Space for Worship / Children’s Check-In
Sunday 10AM: UUCL Online Worship
Immediately after Worship Service: Annual Congregational Meeting
Sunday 6PM: Red Rose Sangha
Wednesday 7PM: Zoom Check-in Gathering
May 15, 2020
Dear UUCL Community,
This Friday All-Church Email includes the schedule of staff-led events for the coming week as well as announcements of the community. Sunday is a busy day: don’t forget online worship, followed by the spring congregational meeting: scroll down for more.
Sunday Worship Online: May 17:
• 9:30AM: “Meditation on Compassion”: Begin your morning with a meditation led by Anu Gupta, a mindfulness and unconscious bias expert. Exclusive content from the Revolutionary Love conference.
• 9:45AM: Gathering Music: Make a cup of coffee, find your chalice, settle in to sacred space.
• 9:45AM: Children’s Check-In: Since we will not have children’s worship this week, families of children are invited to a separate break-out room to say ‘good morning!’
• 10:00 AM: Worship
Service Leader, Lenore Bajare-Dukes, DLFD; Worship Associate, Rev. Barbara; Music, Eli Sauls
This Sunday’s worship focuses on “Revolutionary Love in a time of Physical Distancing,” led by Lenore Bajare-Dukes, Director of Lifespan Faith Development. Instead of children’s worship this week, children are warmly invited to join for an all-ages beginning of the service (come at 9:45 to say hi!).
Lately, the truth of our great interconnected web of life has become ever clearer. At a time of physical distancing, how may we get proximate to wise voices, mourn collective suffering, cry out against injustice…in short, how do we practice the kind of deep love that we are called to by our Unitarian Universalist theology of interrelatedness? In this first of two worship services
inspired by the Revolutionary Love 2020 conference attended by Lenore, we will incorporate content from nationally-known justice and spiritual leaders.
Join by Zoom:
Or, join by phone: dial Meeting ID: Password: 71717
Mid-Week Check-In: Wednesday, May 20, 7PM:
Come together Wednesday evening in sacred space and community connection. Share personal joys and concerns, go deeper into reflection around a text or piece of music, and inform staff or lay leaders of any UUCL pastoral concerns. This week’s check-in will be led by Rev. Barbara.
Join by Zoom: Click on this link:
Or, join by phone: dial Meeting ID: Password: 7171
Every evening: 7 p.m.: We invite everyone to create a home chalice, and to light the chalice every evening, knowing that others from this congregation are doing the same. See the attachment for a new week of chalice readings.
Every Day:
Reach out to at least one other person in this congregation.
May we continue to look for moments of gratitude. May we remember to take deep breaths, to laugh, and to send regular virtual hugs to all whom we love.
In faith
Rev Barbara, Lenore, Eli
Children’s Faith Development:
At-Home Nature Noticings:
We invite you to choose one of these activities with your kids this week!


This is Week 3 in our series of at-home nature-grounded faith development practices for the whole family. Check out previous All-Church Emails for others. As always, go at your own pace…take what will nourish you…and share a photo if you can!
• This Sunday morning’s worship is for all ages! See above for an invitation to children-special gathering time (promptly at 9:45) and child-friendly worship. I suggest setting up some choices for “Spirit Work” (like our ‘work’ time in Spirit Play) after the children ‘go in peace.’ Coloring, crafting, planting things….
Adult Faith Development:
UUA’s Braver/Wiser column “Startled Into Noticing,” by Elea Kemler.
“I hope that this Great Silence, which has come alongside the suffering, holds the beginnings of our healing.”
Your weekly invitation to spiritual practice:
“Listening Deeply to One Another” practice from the Interfaith POWER Coalition.
Part of a monthly collective healing space series, first Wednesdays. Meditation, movement, deep listening, storytelling…all welcome!
Wednesday, June 3, 5:00-7:00 PM. Register here!