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Board Reflections: Favorite Season by Steve Jones

My family tells me that I am unusual because winter is my favorite season and that I’m fortunate not to feel bothered by the lack of sun. Winter is a quieter, less busy time of year which is conducive for a lot of reflection which suits me just fine as an introvert. No lawn to mow every week, no yard work to keep on top of. And the older I get the more the heat and humidity of summer( which is getting worse with climate change) seems to sap my energy.

For me there’s nothing more beautiful in nature than snow covered fields and trees as I go for a winter walk on my favorite rail trails, though this winter it appears we won’t have much snow. I find that winter is a great time for observing nature. I am fascinated by how the squirrels in our back yard seem to easily adapt to the most extreme heat or cold. And the long winter nights are perfect for curling up with a favorite book.

As a sports fan the football playoffs in January and early February give me plenty of enjoyment and I only need to drive 30 minutes to see my college alma mater’s basketball games. Most likely your favorite season is different than mine but if you give it some thought I know that you too can find things to enjoy about winter as well.

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