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Board Reflections: The Hopeful Side Of Climate Change

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about climate change. Here it is mid-January, and no snow yet.
It’s not that I want to shovel my driveway, despite the good exercise that provides. Yet, I do
enjoy a rare snow day. Well, only if I can curl up in front of the gas fireplace with a good book.
Actually, I’ve been considering climate change recently because both of my sisters live in
Sacramento, CA, a place currently experiencing the drastic effects of this phenomenon. Several
times a week, storms roll in bringing high winds and torrential rain. The ground is so wet, huge
trees are being pushed up from the ground by the roots. The roofs of houses are blowing off,
and electric power lines are down, sometimes for days. When I was younger, I used to joke with
my sisters about California falling off the side of the U.S. because of earthquakes. Now I worry it
will just get washed away in these storms. My only saving grace is maybe my family will move
back East, and I won’t have to fly out to CA quite so often. That’s right folks, it is all about me.
Leslie Laird

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