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Letter from Rev. Israel Buffardi

May 25, 2022
Beloved Members of UUCL,
In my time with you, it has become clear to me that UUCL is a vibrant and thriving congregation, one that is not afraid to meet the adaptive challenges that faith communities are presented with today. I am proud of our shared ministry and of the ways that we have been imagining, practicing, and moving towards the future together.
Together, we welcomed 25+ members; created a renewed sense of mission; committed to the ongoing process of dismantling White Supremacy; collaborated with a local artist to tell our story to the city; and welcomed refugees to Lancaster–all during a pandemic! Now we have revitalized building life, while also embracing the accessibility of multi-platform community.
I feel warmth and love for the people of this community, and I genuinely feel loved in return. Yes, community is sometimes hard work, and we have sometimes had to navigate differing opinions for what the future ought to look like, but I feel we have always remained in conversation and covenant throughout the process.
In short, I believe our relationship has been healthy, loving, and facilitative of community growth and change. So it is bittersweet for me to share the news that effective August 15th, 2022, I will be resigning my position as your minister to take a position at a UU congregation in the Canadian Maritimes.
This was a decision that my family did not make lightly. Ultimately this change will help us to fulfill some critical spiritual and material needs we have realized are essential to our thriving—notably, a daily relationship with the ocean and access to childcare.
The Board of Trustees has begun the process of hiring a new minister to come to UUCL, following my departure in August. The intention is for this person to begin as a contract minister, with the option to call and/or extend the contract. More information will come from the Board of Trustees shortly.
Until then I remain your minister, and I hope we can make this time of transition a productive and meaningful one by continuing to practice and embrace strategies of emergence and resilience. The power to continue growing beloved community rests in you, the living breathing expressions of UUCL’s call to nourish, connect, and act. I will always be grateful for this time spent building community with you, and I believe in your future.
Rev. Israel Buffardi

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