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Meet The Candidates June 5th, 2022 Election

We will be having the Spring Congregational meeting on June 5th 2022 immediately following the service. One part of the meeting will be the election of individuals to serve on the Board of Trustees (BOT) and on the Leadership Development Committee.


Please read these introductions of the individuals who will stand for voting to serve on the BOT:

1) Darcy Pollock has been a member of UUCL since 1993 and raised her two kids in the church. She has served on various committees over the years, and has been on the board twice, including her current term. Darcy has also served as Treasurer in the early 2000’s, taught religious education classes to children (with a lot of help from Diana Lowell), and served gallons of coffee at coffee hour. She lives in Millersville and enjoys the outdoors.
2) Hello Congregants I am Carole Campbell and have served on the UUCL Board of Trustees for the past three years. I was President of the Board during my second year. I would be pleased to serve another three year term. I am also co-chair of the of the Caring Team which Candy DeGreen so effectively organized two years ago. I am passionate about the church and pleased to serve in a number of volunteer capacities. As a board member, I work hard to get to know all congregants and to create a relationship that makes congregants feel as though they are seriously listened to and have a voice that matters in UUCL. I am a proud mother of two sons who have provided two wonderful daughter-in-laws, three grandchildren and four great grand children. I was born in Lancaster and attended city schools. I am a psychologist who worked in Lancaster City Schools for thirty years and have had a small private practice for many years. I am a volunteer for the Fulton Theater and for eighteen years I have served on the Lancaster County Critical Incident Response Team serving the mental health of first responders. I am a world traveler, an avid competitive bridge player, and love to play golf.
3) Candy DeGreen
Love is the Spirit of this church,
And Service is its gift.
This is our great Covenant:
To dwell together in Peace,
To seek the truth in Love and
To Help one another.
I have repeated this covenant since Kit Howell was our minister. I hold the church and those who are members in the highest regard. It would be an honor for me to serve on the Board of Trustees along the side of those who have done such very fine work in the past.
I have enjoyed singing in our wonderful choir for as long as I have been a member of UUCL. Along the way I served on a variety of committees, volunteer programs and fundraising activities. For example, I was happy to help Anne Mason begin our Soul Matters organization many years ago. This program continues today to bring great satisfaction to many. A very few will remember our work on Sing For the Cure which our church sponsored and supported.
Two years ago we were concerned that our members needed to take better care of each other. With many dedicated and enthusiastic helpers the Caring Team was born. I take no credit for the fine work our team does. Each who serve are such exceptional examples of “giving back”. I thank them daily for the love they give.
I was a joyful teacher. I am married to Peter (54 years!), have two surviving sons, each of whom has given us beautiful granddaughters. Life is good.
4) Steve Jones -Though a native of Wilmington, Delaware I have lived practically all of my life in Pennsylvania since attending nearby Lebanon Valley College in the 1970s. My wife Linda and I have lived in Landisville since 1987. After retiring from the Lutheran ministry I began looking in a new direction to match my evolving spirituality. I stumbled into our church one summer morning in 2015 and immediately realized I had found my new spiritual home. Since becoming a member in 2016 I have served our congregation as a worship associate, summer service speaker, member of the ministerial search committee that brought Rev. Israel to us, and am currently on the visitation sub-committee of the Caring Team. I have been a member of a Soul Matters Group and am an active participant in the Open Table. If given the opportunity it will be an honor to serve our church in this new capacity as a member of the Board of Trustees.

The following individuals will stand for voting to serve on the Leadership Development Committee:

1) Suz Boyle has been a member of Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster since 2018 and an Unitarian Universalist since 2010. During her time at UUCL, she had been deeply involved with Religious Education. Her experiences include teaching in-person RE classes, planning for and leading online children’s worship, teaching online Growing Anti-Racist UUs classes, attending Our Whole Lives, and serving on the Children’s Faith Development Council. Drawing on her work as a professor of special education at Millersville University, Suz is committed to helping create a more inclusive and welcoming congregation where everyone’s growth is supported and nurtured.
2) Carol LeCato
I first visited UUCL in 2015 and was warmly welcomed by members of the congregation. Soon I was invited to attend an inspiring Soul Matters meeting and then joined UUCL in April 2016. I have been living in Lancaster County since 1960, and my three children grew up here. I enjoyed a career of teaching high school mathematics while also coaching tennis at Lancaster Country Day School and F and M. I have competed locally and regionally in tennis for over 70 years. I am also proud of 15 years as a volunteer GED tutor at Milagro House in Lancaster.
At UUCL I remain an active member of Soul Matters, the DIT (Development Investment Trust) Committee, and the Auction Committee. I feel comfortable as well as inspired by my associations at UUCL and enjoy contributing in as many ways as possible.
3) Carol Miller Lieber
Being a citizen-educator has been central to Carol’s life for over 50 years. She has served in the roles of a middle and high school teacher, school founder, principal, clinical professor, professional development consultant, program designer, facilitator, and author. Her recent work with Engaging Schools has focused on supporting school districts to revise their Codes of Conduct in ways that reflect an equitable, accountable, and restorative approach to discipline, instruction, and student support.
Carol has engaged in peace and justice work since the 1960s when she worked on open housing initiatives with Dr. King in Chicago. Her north star every day is to do something that improves the life chances of children in the US. Before moving to Lancaster County 10 years ago, Carol was a member of UU congregations in St. Louis and Chicago. She has served on the boards of libraries, independent schools, and local neighborhood organizations.
On the home front, she is a serious gardener, cook, and needlepointer and the proud parent of two mini lop bunnies.
4) George Herr-Riser
I have been involved at UUCL since 1998 and officially joined the Church with my wife in 2006. My first experiences with the church were as a Children’s Faith Development teacher the years our boys were growing up. I then got involved with the Response Team developing the policies for dealing with incidences of child abuse should they occur. I was instrumental in re-starting the Soul Matters groups and have been a part of those since that time. Most recently I have served on the Board of Trustees throughout the Developmental Ministry period and the start of Rev. Israel’s tenure. During the time I spent on the BOT, I served as the Vice President and then as President. I am currently serving on the Leadership Development Committee.

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