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Mural Update Fall 2021

At our recent virtual Town Hall and Congregational Meetings, we briefly shared online photos of Gerri McCritty’s first artwork for the proposed mural. These sketches were also on display at a Meet & Greet the Artist on the afternoon of Sunday, October 24 out on the sidewalk in front of the church. Thank you to the many who came out!
The Mural Task Force would like to offer a church-wide opportunity to submit questions, feedback, and suggestions via an online survey.
This artwork is only an initial sketch, a first response to the Task Force’s design concept and a guide to future renditions. We are at the beginning of a long process of creation, feedback, and revisioning which will play out over the coming winter months. We have already conveyed some suggestions to Gerri for her next iteration of the drawings. As other ideas come in, we will convey those as well.
In loving connection,
Michele Capobianco
Susan Dyson
Marian Joyce
Susan Lithgoe
Sindy Pollard
Norm Saunders
Bradden Weaver
Kay Welty
Sandy Yeager
UUCL Mural Task Force

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